Miami-based Coupon Startup "CouponMate" Automates Extreme Couponing Online

Aug 05, 2015, 11:49 ET from MarketKarma

MIAMI, Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A new startup is joining the ever-growing ranks of businesses that practice 'conscious capitalism', an outgrowth of the concept of corporate social responsibility. CouponMate is a browser extension that allows consumers to automate savings on their purchases online, and at the same time have a positive impact on their neighbors, the environment, and the world.

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CouponMate automatically seeks out and applies the best coupon codes for purchases made online for over 100,000 retailers online and currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

The project is the latest brainchild of MarketKarma, an eight-person development team out of Miami that specializes in digital marketing technology for online retailers. They've been around for years, but CouponMate just emerged from beta a few months ago.

The team aims to fundamentally change the coupon redemption process.  "As an agency, it's second nature for us to focus on user experience.  The coupon redemption experience is one of the worst," said Michel Bio, Creative Director for MarketKarma. "Everybody loves discounts, but searching the web to find a coupon code, then switching back and forth between windows to test whether a code works? For me, for most people, it's way too much trouble," he said. "We wanted to reinvent the process."

CouponMate promises to eliminate the time, hassle, and frustration that comes from searching through coupon sites to find relevant coupons, applying different codes to figure out the best discounts, and then hoping that the codes actually work.

The CouponMate philosophy is centered on the concept of 'conscious capitalism', an outgrowth and refinement of the ideals of corporate social responsibility. It could also be considered an example of 'conscious consumerism'. Both encourage businesses and consumers to embrace attitudes and practices that benefit human beings physically, socially, culturally, and environmentally, at the local and global level.

The team states that they started the project with a desire to utilize their particular skills in retail, technology, and digital marketing to help to make the world a better place to live. They're using the incredible potential of crowdsourcing to make it happen, and the unique idea of helping people to help others while helping themselves. In an ailing global economy where most people can use every little bit of help they can get, it's an idea arriving at an opportune time.

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