Mobile Spinach Releases Software Development Kit - App Developers Can Earn Revenue Through Targeted Local Offers

Location-Based Offers for Merchants Give Developers a Local Presence - Mobile Spinach's Publisher Network Grows 400% In One Month

Oct 12, 2011, 10:06 ET from Mobile Spinach

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile commerce platform Mobile Spinach announced today the release of its software development kit (SDK) for integration into mobile applications. Mobile Spinach presents real-time location-based discounted offers to users for quality merchants. The service allows the entire transaction to remain on the user's mobile device, and does not require any printed coupons or special codes.

The SDK allows app developers on any major mobile platform to seamlessly integrate Mobile Spinach's location-based discounts, giving developers a targeted revenue source. Mobile Spinach released the SDK to better serve its exponentially growing network of publishers. In the past three weeks, the solution's partnership network expanded from less than 200 publishers to more than 840, owing to the return-on-investment benefits of the Mobile Spinach service.  Publisher offerings looking to utilize the SDK include dozens of types of applications from local and food-based applications to navigation guides.

Once integrated, consumers only receive subtle alerts about Mobile Spinach offers that are close to their present location.  The user never leaves the host application, a significant benefit for developers who do not want user attention to stray from their application.

"The mobile experience is the right vehicle for business growth," said John Vitti, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Mobile Spinach. "Reaching consumers through a declining asset such as an email list simply does not provide enough immediacy and targeting. By releasing our SDK, we give app developers the opportunity to earn real revenue through the presentation of location-based discounts for restaurants and other services. App users simply ignore the typical banner ads on their device. They want to see actionable offers such as ours that can be securely redeemed within minutes."

The Mobile Spinach service is a mobile website that features the look and feel of a native app. It works on all available smartphone platforms, including Android and iPhone. In addition to its own branded site where consumers can directly purchase offers, Mobile Spinach also works with several key partners as a white-label platform.

About Mobile Spinach:

Launched in 2010, Mobile Spinach is a mobile local commerce platform designed to allow local merchants to reach interested consumers. The company currently works with more than 5,000 merchants in 611 cities throughout the United States, and is continuously expanding its reach through high-level partnerships.  For more information about the Mobile Spinach experience, visit

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