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While home redecoration might not be the most popular New Year's resolution, it can be a highly fulfilling undertaking with Naurelle

Jan 08, 2014, 13:55 ET from Naurelle

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- After New Year's Eve parties come to a close and the last glass of champagne has been drunk, many partygoers will be mulling on their New Year's resolutions. Though it's not as popular of a resolution as weight loss or other personal goals, interior design can completely revitalize the home through new furniture. Los Angeles residents with a liking for the finer things in life looking for a New Years' boost will be delighted by the Naurelle modern European furniture showroom in Beverly Hills. Since 1981, Naurelle has provided high-quality furniture and lighting that raises the bar for the entire industry by providing modern, traditional, and classic furniture crafted in Italy and Spain.

Unrivaled in lavishness, the exquisite pieces featured in the Naurelle showroom and online catalogues reflect lessons learned by the most skilled craftsmen in the world after years of honing their techniques. The designer pieces in the Naurelle showroom are gloriously sumptuous, whether the customer needs a bedroom piece like a dresser or nightstand in inlaid wood with 24-karat gold accents or a living room set in hand-carved wood with the finest Italian fabrics. Another example of sheer luxury is a chaise lounge in wood with black lacquer featuring gold accent, bronze and Swarovski crystal decorations and Spanish fabric. No matter the sensibilities of the homeowner, the sheer depth and breadth of options in Naurelle's vast inventory ensures there is something for anyone with elegant taste.

Naurelle attracts customers who want to transform their homes, including those inspired by their 2014 resolutions. However, this doesn't mean homeowners are thrown into the deep end of selecting furniture without any assistance from the experts. As a matter of fact, the Naurelle staff, including President Kayvan Nahai, is keen on helping clientele in realizing their design vision and imbuing his decade's worth of experience in interior design upon his clients. Mr. Nahai routinely makes home or office visits to survey the space and make his expert opinion on what would look best, while keeping the customers' taste and budget in mind.  This useful advice makes Naurelle stand apart from other Los Angeles furniture vendors, and with Naurelle, customers are always given the VIP treatment.

Under Mr. Nahai's leadership, Naurelle has single-handedly advanced the centuries-old legacy of furniture craftsmanship. To become a part of this legacy, visit the Naurelle showroom so you can make your home a work of art in and of itself. Naurelle schedules complementary visits from Mr. Nahai himself to help you pick out contemporary Italian and Spanish furniture to perfectly match the spaces you wish to decorate. For further information about any of the furniture available at Naurelle, please visit at or contact the store directly at 323-852-7007 today!

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