Money Doesn't Have to Grow on Trees: CheckAlt Introduces a Green Solution to Outdated and Wasteful Paper Checks

Jul 06, 2010, 14:57 ET from CheckAlt

LOS ANGELES, July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- CheckAlt, an alternative electronic payment processing solution, is not only providing businesses with a faster and more secure solution to paper checks, but the innovative company is also proving it pays to be green.  Companies using CheckAlt are mitigating risks and removing the inconvenience of paper check transactions, all while improving customer and vendor loyalty and keeping the environment in mind.

It is no secret that the planet's resources are limited; according to the Clean Air Counsel, paper is the number one resource thrown away.  CheckAlt was founded on the apparent need for a simple, fast, and cheap solution to connect businesses with their clients, as well as maintain an environmentally conscious method of doing so.

"In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, and we are no exception," says Shai Stern, CEO and founder of CheckAlt.  "The concept of paperless check payment greatly reduces the amount of waste, plus it provides added convenience by making 'just in time' payments possible with reduced fees.  The digital revolution is upon us and people want things fast, safe, and efficient; CheckAlt does all three."

Businesses can feel at ease without the worry of checks lost in the mail, frustrating credit card fees, or fees relating to wire transfers.  Additionally, companies can pay vendors directly and without hassle.  Payments are transferred directly from one account to another and cleared in only two business days.

"Our mission is to improve clients' top and bottom lines.  We meet the meticulous needs of businesses that provide services to other businesses using a system that is completely reliable and efficient," adds Stern.  "Businesses increase profit margins and decrease operating expenses."

A huge operating expense for online merchants is the cost associated with credit card processing and handling.  CheckAlt eliminates these fees by moving toward the secured network ACH (the automated clearing house) connecting banks.  Electronic checks reduce these payment processing fees up to eighty percent compared to credit cards.

With all the valuable benefits afforded by CheckAlt, it is no surprise they have become the premiere solution in business-to-business payment processing.  Plus, CheckAlt requires no monthly fees and the account set up is completely free.  Businesses nationwide are instilling their trust in CheckAlt; money doesn't have to grow on trees.

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