Montblanc Celebrates Presidents Day With Positive Message

Feb 12, 2009, 14:47 ET from Montblanc

International Luxury Brand Commemorates Historical "Yes We Can" Moment

NEW YORK, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The power of signature has been expressed throughout several defining moments in the history of the United States. The finest brushstroke of a fountain pen has led to the foundation of our great nation, legacies of great leaders, and has ultimately led to many new chapters in our country's great history. Having been present when historical signatures were needed by royalty and heads of state, Montblanc's Meisterstuck 149 fountain pen has played a role in this historic journey. It is in this spirit that Montblanc captures the strength, courage, and wisdom of our forefathers along with the spirit of change with a special edition of this iconic writing instrument.

In recognition of the crossroads in time where there is renewed faith in the achievement of the American dream, desire for righteousness, and hope for a return to prosperity, Montblanc has crowned the Meisterstuck 149 fountain pen with the powerful mantra, "Yes We Can," and President Barack Obama's inauguration date of January 20, 2009.

"The Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 has stood tall since 1924 and is proud to have played a role in great historic moments in American history," said Jan-Patrick Schmitz, President and CEO of Montblanc North America. "The powerful statement 'Yes We Can' truly captures the spirit of the American dream in a simple yet extremely impactful way. It was very important for us to once again mark a defining moment in time that speaks to a new beginning of hope, promise, and positive spirit for future generations in this country."

Prior to the "Yes We Can" initiative, Montblanc has also created limited edition collections that commemorate the contributions of great historical Presidents. In 2007 Montblanc launched its America's Signatures for Freedom limited edition fountain pen series that are inspired by the lives and visions of previous commanders in chief whose services laid the groundwork for our nation's freedom, independence, and values. Limited to 50 pieces symbolizing the number of states in the union the collection has included tributes to George Washington, John Adams, and most recently Thomas Jefferson.

The Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 "Yes We Can" engraved fountain pen is available at Montblanc boutiques nationwide.

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