Multifaceted Troubadour, Michael on Fire, Releases Feel Good Roots LP 'Always Yes'

Mar 07, 2011, 13:48 ET from Michael on Fire

LOS ANGELES, March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The 13 songs on Michael on Fire's latest release (and 13th official album), Always Yes, extend an overarching sense of the positive into a world that can seem riddled with fear and doubt. Recorded in studios outside of Los Angeles and his native Detroit seems appropriate considering how for four decades, Michael on Fire has forged a winding, eclectic path outside of and beyond the mainstream of the music industry. His distinctive brand of deeply soulful Americana rock however, has yielded a dedicated following that identifies with his passionate, rootsy style.

"I didn't set out to operate outside the music industry," said Michael on Fire, "I've just always been clear about who and what I am, and what I do, and I've been resolute in upholding my musical and moral ideals."

On Always Yes (Real Eyes Productions, 2011), the fiery singer-songwriter spans a broad range of country, blues, rock, Midwestern ballads, and swamp rhythms, and showcases his superb sense of melody, his gifts as a poet and vocalist, and his originality as an arranger/producer. Together, the songs reveal the unique convictions of a troubadour possessed of an unwavering sense of purpose and an unrelenting commitment to creative expression.

A review in No Depression calls Always Yes "... a powerfully positive roots masterwork... a testament to the human spirit and to the artist's musical virtuosity... a belting of the gospel of maturity... an affirmation worthy of grown-up musically aware folks who still have it and know that it does indeed get better with age... an album for anyone who loves good music that is both timeless and dynamically current."

While comfortable being out of the mainstream, Michael on Fire's latest offering is edging its way into the collective conscious of American culture. For six weeks now, he has occupied spots in the Top 50 of the national Americana/Country radio charts with his song "I Ain't There Yet." Aptly named, as the muse whispers new songs, the road calls, and Michael on Fire continues on, knowing it's the journey and not the destination that matters most.



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