Naughty President Elected by Naughty America

Nov 10, 2009, 08:00 ET from Naughty America

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- With the 2009 elections coming to a close last week, another election also ended. The first Naughty President was announced today on Live with Lauren. Lorenzo Lindsey, AKA "The Senator" was called this morning to receive the news that he would be taking office to represent all Naughty Americans in January 2010.

Lindsey expressed tons of excitement upon hearing the news of his election. "It feels surreal," said Lindsey, "I am elated, grateful and jovial."

An inauguration ball will be held in January to mark the start of Lindsey's tenure as Naughty President. All are welcome to attend the function where Lindsey will be giving his first address to his subjects and attended by the naughtiest of Americans.

"Lorenzo Lindsey was the perfect choice for Naughty President," said Lauren, host of Naughty America Live, "He definitely showed me that he was up for the task at hand."

By winning the election of Naughty President, Lindsey will receive a $10,000 a month salary, a residence in Southern California and many more perks.

Naughty Americans will also have the opportunity to run to become the second Naughty President starting in January 2010 and the elected candidate will take office in July 2010.

Please visit for more information on Lindsey and the next election.

SOURCE Naughty America