NeatCloud® Boosts User Productivity with Expanded Document Classification and Parsing Capabilities

New NeatCloud capabilities to be demonstrated with NeatConnect® direct-to-cloud scanner at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Jan 07, 2014, 10:00 ET from Neat

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Showstoppers @ CES 2014 -- Neat®, the leader in Digital Filing Systems for the small business and consumer markets, today announced expanded document classification and parsing capabilities for NeatCloud®.  Combined with the newly-released NeatConnect®, the industry's first direct-to-cloud touchscreen scanner, these advancements will enhance what is already the most comprehensive and capable cloud-based Digital Filing System.

Neat automatically identifies common document types and intuitively extracts data from paper and digital documents, repurposing that information into more useful formats, saving time for individuals and small businesses.  For years Neat has turned business cards into digital contacts and transformed receipts into completed expense reports with the touch of a button.  At CES 2014, Neat will demonstrate how NeatCloud will begin to do the same for invoices, e-receipts, checks and recipes.

"Small businesses and organized households have always valued Neat for managing paper and the information it contains," said Harris Romanoff, SVP, Product Management at Neat.  "For years, Neat has reduced the time its users spend organizing and managing the information they need to run their lives and businesses.  We are further improving their productivity by enabling a new set of commonly used documents."

Documents can be captured and sent to NeatCloud through any number of sources – as paper documents scanned directly to the cloud by NeatConnect, as digital documents emailed directly to a user's NeatCloud account, or even as images snapped by Neat's mobile app.  Regardless of its original format, source or means of getting to NeatCloud, optical character recognition (OCR) technology is applied to each item.  This makes items added to NeatCloud fully searchable and supports new Neat capabilities including:

  • Expanded Document Classification: Each NeatCloud document is analyzed for structure and nature of content so it can be classified.  Adding classification for invoices, e-receipts, checks and recipes allows automated organization of that type of document and makes ongoing management of that information more efficient.
  • Enhanced Document ParsingAfter NeatCloud has classified an item, Neat's patented parsing technology automatically populates data fields that are relevant to that type of document.  Now, for example, when a receipt is sent to NeatCloud it will automatically parse information to multiple new data fields such as tracking numbers to speed obtaining shipment status; vendor contact information to simplify obtaining product support; and purchase orders to streamline accounting processes.  These new capabilities enable NeatCloud to make data that it has parsed from documents "actionable."

As one example of NeatCloud's ability to activate information from stored documents, Neat announced today, automated integration between NeatCloud, and popular small business accounting systems, such as QuickBooks Online.   By activating data parsed from small business documents, NeatCloud eliminates the time associated with manually entering receipt or invoice data into accounting software while also reducing related data entry errors.  What's more, NeatCloud now serves as an ongoing system of record for the supporting documents that small businesses are required to maintain for tax and accounting purposes.

"Unlike most cloud services that simply store or file documents, NeatCloud's activation capabilities create more than order, they multiply our users' productivity," explained Romanoff.  "For busy individuals and industrious small businesses, every minute saved on administrative tasks is time they can use for more important things."

Expanded classification, enhanced parsing and integration with small business accounting systems become available this month in Neat Labs.  Neat Labs lets anyone with a NeatCloud account test drive the beta versions of new Neat capabilities.   Neat Labs will provide real-world user feedback so features can be refined before they are made available as part of the NeatCloud offering.  The capabilities announced today will be made available to all NeatCloud users throughout 2014. 

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