New Book By Defense Intelligence Officer Reveals How To Net Online Crooks, Liars, & Predators

May 01, 2014, 13:05 ET from Tyler Cohen Wood

WASHINGTON, May 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A new book by cyber-branch chief for the Defense Intelligence Agency and a former DoD federal government computer forensics examiner , Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life (Career Press), reveals how you can protect your identity and data from being hijacked or used to harm your children, distort your reputation, hurt your business, threaten your safety, jeopardize your career, or lead to a dangerous mismatch at online dating sites.  The book also provides strategies, tips and a checklist to help you see through online deception and protect yourself from crooks, creeps, crazies, and con artists.

Author Tyler Cohen Wood shows readers how to arm and inform themselves against those who will use social media sites, apps, searches, and posted photos to harm them.  Whether showing how a product review could be a fake or the person you're instant messaging is lying, Wood calls upon what she's learned while working in cyber security for Department of Defense, NASA, IBM, and other companies.

She not only shows how to play defense, using predictive analysis and online lie detection techniques, but also tells how you can do reconnaissance using available tools online to vet people for red flags.

One of her strongest warnings is to parents.  "Keep in mind that the items you post today could make your children direct targets to be bullied later on," says Wood.  "The thing to also keep in mind here is that you are creating your child's online identity when you post about them, which will follow him or her for life."

Wood helps us put the digital pieces together in an eye-opening and concise manner.  Though we may be living in a digital Wild West, she hopes to inject awareness and protections for those who don't even fully realize their exposure to the many dangers lurking online.

She concludes by saying: "We live in a world where your online reputation is just as powerful and important as the one you have in real life. We now have the first generation of people whose entire lives are open books available to anyone on the Internet. With this generation, we will have the ability to get information on people from birth all the way through their adult lives."

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