New Cell Phone Technology Shortens Alert Times for Missing or Abducted Children

May 14, 2009, 12:51 ET from AMBER Ready, Inc.

ROCKAWAY, N.J., May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- AMBER Ready, Inc. unveiled at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. today, a new cell phone-based child safety tool for parents to use in the event their children go missing. AMBER Ready, Inc., a New Jersey-based company, announced that it is launching a national 30-City Tour to inform parents and law enforcement officials of its new cell phone-based technology that will provide the fastest means for placing a missing child alert.

At today's press conference, AMBER Ready's CEO, Kai Patterson, was joined by Lucita Petro-Nixon, the New York City mother of an abducted child who was murdered; James Garner, the former President of the National Conference of Mayors; Jon Adler, the National President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association; and Darwin Cadogan, President the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), Washington DC Chapter, to discuss the benefits of parents having a program that allows them to store their children's photos, description and medical information in a profile in their cell phones.

"A child going missing is one of the most traumatic events a parent can ever experience," said Patterson. "Today in America it takes too long for frightened and worried parents and committed law enforcement officers to begin the search for a missing or abducted child. The AMBER Ready Program can sharply cut the time it takes to distribute a child's photo and other information allowing law enforcement officers to begin their search."

Citing federal statistics, Patterson pointed to the more than 58,000 children who are abducted each year and the fact that 52% of all missing children reports are made after the child has been missing for two hours.

"In the event that a child is abducted or goes missing, a police officer can send the child's profile stored in a parent's cell phone and home computer directly to other law enforcement agencies, airports, news stations and the Amber Alert network. This can shave hours off the time it takes to issue an alert about a missing child," said Patterson.

Lucita Petro-Nixon, told how her 16 year old daughter Chanel was abducted and murdered nearly three years ago in New York City. "If my husband and I had had a program like AMBER Ready, the police might have been able to find my daughter. In any case, with a photograph and more information that can be given to police quickly, parents can at least know that they are doing everything they can to help find their missing child. I feel that the Amber Ready Program would have advocated on behalf of my husband and me for our daughter, Chanel, to ensure a quick and appropriate response when she went missing. I am confident that the Amber Ready program is a service parents can count on."

Jon Adler, National President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) stated, "In law enforcement, protecting our most precious assets, our children, remains our top priority. Each year, FLEOA hosts child safety events across our country during the week of Missing Children's Day: May 25th, 2009. We are encouraged by AMBER Ready's software/product, and we look forward to partnering with the Company. With the benefit of AMBER Ready's technology, we in law enforcement will be better equipped to investigate and more quickly locate children who are reported missing."

James Garner, the former Mayor of Hempstead, New York said, "Every year between 800,000 and 1.3 million children in America are reported missing. While efforts to find missing children have improved, delays in alerting law enforcement have created a serious gap in the system. Law enforcement officers and frightened parents whose children have gone missing have to spend too much critical time to get the vital information - a photo and identifying characteristics -- needed to start their search or issue an Amber Alert. Statistics have shown that most violence against abducted children occurs within the first three hours, making these first moments that much more critical."

The purpose of the AMBER Ready 30-City Tour is to help parents and law enforcement create safe communities by providing tools and information to aid in the recovery of missing children and reduce the number of missing children in America. Additionally, the tour will provide child and Internet safety tips for parents as well as training sessions for law enforcement on how to improve their response to missing child incidents.

The official schedule of the AMBER Ready 30-City Tour may be viewed by clicking on AMBER_Ready-30-City_Tour.pdf.

About AMBER Ready, Inc.

AMBER Ready, Inc. has pioneered the nation's first wireless program enabling parents to securely store their child's identity information within their wireless phone and providing the technology platform for police to disseminate an alert from a parents' wireless phone immediately upon a child being abducted or found to be missing. Through the wireless transmission of stored photographs and descriptive data by police as a Be-On-the-Look-Out (BOLO) or as an official AMBER Alert, the AMBER Ready Program is expected to dramatically reduce the average time between determining a child is missing and the commencement of a meaningful search by local law enforcement, thus significantly improving the odds for rapid recovery. In anticipation of pursuing a public listing in the future, the Company has engaged the firm of John Thomas Financial as its investment banking firm. For more information, please visit