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People caring for elderly parents have a new way to support each other

Aug 12, 2009, 09:00 ET from

NAPLES, Fla., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ --, the online community for people caring for their elderly parents, has added new features to the website, to help caregivers support each other and connect with others who are in similar situations. News features at include hugs, photos and stars.


Is a caregiver having a bad day? Do they need some extra encouragement? Give that caregiver a hug! Caregivers can send Hugs to other caregivers, and the caregiver is notified by email that they have been sent a hug from you, and the Hug also appears on the website community. To see how hugs work, visit


AgingCare members interact frequently (sometimes daily) sharing trials and tribulations. Friendships are formed and support networks begin. But until now, they did not know what each other looks like. Caregivers are now able to "put a face with a name." Caregivers can upload a photo of themselves. The photo appears on the caregiver's profile, as well as with any posts they make on the website.


When caregivers find a comment particularly useful or inspirational, they can give that comment a Star. Stars indicate to other caregivers that a comment was helpful. To see how many of their comments have received stars, caregivers visit their profile.

"Our goal is to help people caring for elderly parents find the support, resources and information they need," says Publisher Joe Buckheit. "At, caregivers find support from those who understand: others who are in the same situation. Adding new features to our community helps caregivers get to know one another better, and feel less alone."

The new features are highly successful with 40% of members sending hugs, uploading photos or giving stars.

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