New Delta Faucet Survey Uncovers Surprising Bathroom Habits

Ninety percent of Americans admit to multi-tasking while they "go"

Sep 30, 2013, 11:37 ET from Delta Faucet Company

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Americans are spending more time checking emails, posting updates or surfing the Web – all while on their home toilet – according to a recent survey commissioned by Delta Faucet1. With nearly half of respondents admitting to dedicating at least five minutes at a time to their bathroom business and ninety percent to multitasking while they "go", it's fortunate that today's newer toilets are designed to offer a more comfortable experience for bottoms and a homeowner's bottom line.

According to expert craftsman Chip Wade, host of HGTV's hit show "Elbow Room," installing a new toilet is one of the simplest updates a homeowner can do on their own to ensure the bathroom is a comfort-driven retreat.

"In most homes, the bathroom serves as one of the most frequently visited rooms, so functionality is just as important as design when considering new fixtures like a toilet," said Wade. "Delta® toilets are offered in both round and elongated shapes and come in chair height dimensions for a comfortable fit. In addition, they are WaterSense® labeled, meaning they meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's water conserving standards, while still delivering maximum flush performance." 

According to the survey, other reasons to consider installing a more comfort-friendly toilet include:

  • Master Multi-taskers. Nearly half of respondents admitted to setting aside five minutes or more to catch up on reading, answering emails or playing their favorite video game while sitting on their toilets.
  • Posting on the Go. Furthermore, nearly one third of Americans say they update or check their social status while using the pot.
  • Sticking to Stereotypes. Men admit to spending more time on the toilet; of survey respondents who reported they spent – on average – more than 10 minutes "going" while at home, 75 percent were male.
  • Age Matters. People ages 25-34 are nearly twice as likely to spend upwards of 10 minutes on the throne compared to respondents 45 and older.

For easy installation, Delta Corrente™, Prelude™ and Riosa™ toilets come with the Delta SmartFit™ system, which includes pre-installed tank-to-bowl connections. Additionally, both Corrente and Riosa models feature an integrated water supply line to reduce potential leak points, and for added convenience, an EZ Out™ toilet removal kit included in the box, which provides many of the items needed for uninstalling an existing toilet to help make the process easier.

Available exclusively at The Home Depot, each toilet uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, helping save homeowners an average of $110 per year in water usage2.

About Delta® Products 
There is a philosophy at the heart of every Delta® product: there is a better way to live with water. It goes beyond excellent design to incorporate smart thinking that anticipates people's needs. From proprietary Touch2O® Technology that turns faucets on and off with just a touch to H2Okinetic® shower technology that sculpts water into a unique wave pattern, giving you the feeling of more water without using more water, Delta products incorporate thoughtful features that delight. Paired with beautiful and inspirational design, it's another way that the Delta® brand is more than just a faucet. A WaterSense® partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Delta Faucet Company is a global organization that offers kitchen faucets, bath faucets, shower heads, shower systems, toilets and related accessories, selling products in more than 53 countries. For more information, visit

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[1] Survey of 500 U.S. residents ages 18 and older conducted by Lab42 in August 2013.

[2] The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a family of four replacing its home's older toilets with WaterSense® labeled models will, on average, save more than $110 per year in reduced water utility bills, and more than $2,200 over the lifetime of the toilets.

SOURCE Delta Faucet Company