New Facebook App Lights the Fuse for a Full-Blown Music Revolution

Beat-Play Allows Fans to Choose their Own Music without Influence of Labels and Industry; Directly Determine Hits and Destiny of Independent Artists

Sep 15, 2011, 16:34 ET from Beat-Play

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Beat-Play, a technology start-up committed to providing the ultimate music experience and social network, has announced its official launch.

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By connecting music lovers directly with independent artists and with each other, Beat-Play empowers consumers to choose music for themselves without influence of labels and industry.  Likewise, Beat-Play provides independent artists with a level playing field to gain fans, recognition, generate revenue and respect for their music on its own merits.

Music fans can now download the free Beat-Play Facebook application or visit to discover a rich library of independent artists representing every genre imaginable and network with other like-minded fans.  

"Beat-Play lights the fuse for a full-blown music revolution that finally allows consumers to choose their own music without the influence of labels and industry executives controlling their choices and telling them what music they should like and listen to," said Dante Cullari, Beat-Play CEO.  Cullari cited popular platforms like YouTube and American Idol as the first waves of this movement.  "Beat-Play's technology finally and fully delivers the open music forum that fans and artists have long desired and demanded.  Communities of music fans, enabled by Beat-Play, now have a firm hand on the steering wheel.  This change in how consumers discover and experience music is inevitable."

Beat-Play's technology promotes music to fans based on positive social recommendation from fellow listeners and allows a fan's favorite artist, music, or playlist to be automatically shared with their friends. Other cool, cutting-edge features Beat-Play offers fans include:

  • Fans can use keywords such as Moods, Location, Names, Genres, and Activities to find or share songs with similar friends.
  • Music can now be discovered by the type of mood a fan is in, or activity s/he is involved in:  "running," "happy hour," "electronic," "crazy funky," "ben harper" - whatever.
  • Fans can add TAG keywords to a song to suggestively help like-minded friends find great music much easier and more effectively.
  • Free unlimited streaming independent music; more beats than you can imagine.
  • And, of course, all personal information remains secure and confidential

An independent artist himself, Cullari founded Beat-Play in 2008 collaborating with other entrepreneurs on his vision to make music sharing, promotion, and distribution more efficient for artists and fans.  The company has introduced as a platform to promote independent artists and connect them with fans that are actively searching for better music.  New music is uploaded daily, giving fans the opportunity to listen to fresh beats every single day.  

With so many music sites to choose from, fans are alarmingly fragmented now more than ever before, Cullari claims.  "Unlike other music services, Beat-Play allows fans to control the music that spreads to their friends.  This helps filter out the bad stuff, and in turn, creates a more effective form of promotion and distribution for the artists.  Fans are now a part of the conscientious movement of showcasing the best music."  He continued, "It's music without those pesky labels, and with a consciousness."

Embracing Beat-Play as a platform to share their music directly with fans and gain a following, independent artists from around the globe are signing up with the site.  Beat-Play encourages artists from all genres to sign on at no cost and benefit from being a part of music's evolution.

Benefits to artists:

  • It's completely free
  • Artists can upload their music and PROMOTE their music, band, and/or career
  • Independent artists can connect with fans looking for really good indie music
  • Beat-Play's hybrid ad share model financially compensates contributing artists with ad sales revenue
  • Artists can effectively streamline their music distribution.  Beat-Play's key descriptors identify artists and music more efficiently, making it easier to find music.  

Music is a universal language, and a global business.  It is a part of millions of people's lives around the world. provides an unparalleled commitment of connecting real music fans with real independent artists.  The company's proprietary software tools and applications have revitalized the strengths behind the evolving digital music industry.  Visit and discover a smart and easy new way to filter the best music that's never been heard.

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