New Sexual Health Company Nuelle™ Introduces Fiera™ Arouser For Her™

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Aug 12, 2015, 08:26 ET from Nuelle, Inc.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuelle, Inc. announces the launch of Fiera™ Arouser For Her™, the first-ever hands-free wearable consumer product scientifically proven to stimulate sexual arousal and desire in women. Led by CEO Karen Long, Nuelle is a venture backed Silicon Valley consumer health tech company, committed to creating a mainstream dialogue and developing science-driven sexual wellness products specifically for women. Fulfilling an unmet need, Fiera is poised to spark the conversation of women's arousal and libido and enhance the sex lives of millions of women, and their partners.

A first-of-its-kind product, Fiera is a small, hands-free, wearable product that is designed to be used for a few minutes in advance of sexual intimacy to help women get in the mood and have a more satisfying experience. Co-created with women and sexual health professionals, it utilizes a unique combination of technology proven to encourage blood flow and lubrication, igniting desire and physical arousal, naturally.

Fiera was developed for the millions of women who, at all ages, have concerns about their sexual response, including arousal and interest. At various life stages normal hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause, or everyday factors such as life stressors, lack of sleep, relationship fatigue and child rearing, can effect arousal and libido. Fiera is proven through consumer and scientific testing to help get women in the mood for sex.

"I am proud to introduce a company that is committed to addressing longstanding unmet needs for women," says Karen Long, Nuelle CEO. "Talking about sex is one of the most important and honest conversations we can have and it's about time that we open up and normalize the dialogue publicly. My hope is that Fiera sparks conversations as much as it reignites relationships."

"We need to give women permission to talk about sex and their concerns and explore new solutions. I am glad that women's sexual health is finally getting the attention it deserves," says Lauren Streicher, MD, Associate Professor of Ob-Gyn Northwestern University and Author of, "Sex Rx: Hormones, Health and Your Best Sex Ever."

About Fiera™
Co-created with women and sexual health professionals, Fiera Arouser for Her™ is the first ever hands-free wearable intimacy "prehancer™," proven to spark arousal and desire and a more satisfying sexual experience for women. Small, discrete and hands-free, Fiera is worn by women prior to sexual activity to get her ready, excited and in the mood. Fiera is a sexual enhancement product and is not intended to treat any medical condition. Fiera does not require a prescription and is drug and hormone free.

Fiera is available for an introductory rate of $199 through September 2015. Click here to learn more.

About Nuelle™
Nuelle™ is a venture backed female led company singularly focused on delivering groundbreaking solutions in women's sexual wellness. Nuelle marries its experience in healthcare, technology and consumer products with a deep passion for making a difference and sharing a voice in the women's sexual health conversation. The company is creating a new category in women's sexual wellness with the introduction of Fiera™ Arouser for Her™, the first scientifically proven, wearable arousal technology designed to enhance intimacy.

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