New Unisys Service Gives CIOs and Business Leaders a Unified, Personalized View of IT Services

Unisys VantagePoint combines dynamic portals and advanced analytics with service orchestration to help executives quickly make informed IT and business decisions

Nov 20, 2013, 08:00 ET from Unisys Corporation

BLUE BELL, Pa., Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced Unisys VantagePoint,SM an advanced user interface and service orchestration center for Unisys' IT service management (ITSM) solution as well as other commonly used ITSM systems.

Accessible from multiple device types, Unisys VantagePoint can help organizations improve productivity significantly. It gives workers a single view of IT services available to them and simplifies the ordering process. VantagePoint also delivers enterprise-wide data relevant to specific roles in an organization, enabling IT operations and business unit owners to see the business impact of delivered services in near real-time and make more informed decisions.

"IT and business leaders are awash in data but often lack practical, personalized information needed to help them do their jobs," said Larry Dunn, vice president, solution portfolio management, Unisys Global Managed Services. "Unisys VantagePoint provides an integrated, customized view of information relevant to them and their roles. Through the use of advanced analytics capabilities, we transform data into truly useful information for making informed business decisions and minimizing the adverse business impact of service events on the organization."

Moving From Dashboards to Service Views Managers of enterprise applications and services increasingly rely on dashboards to learn the status of nearly everything relevant to their jobs, from performance and service-level agreements (SLAs) to remediation of service outages.

However, those dashboards typically capture data only from one system or technology provider and the information isn't always tailored to their specific requirements. As a result, managers and front-line personnel lack a full, unified view of data available to them, hampering their ability to make informed decisions quickly.

Unisys VantagePoint uses advanced analytics and a visual presentation layer to aggregate information from multiple sources and delivers it in a personalized way to users in a unified view, via a tile-based graphical interface.

The VantagePoint solution also enables IT organizations to manage IT services from external as well as internal providers, tracking costs, performance to SLAs and other critical factors.

Role-based Personas Provide Personalized Service Unisys VantagePoint brings together three service views of the enterprise – People, Operations and Business – to assist in the delivery and consumption of IT services and provide fast, simplified access to role-relevant information.

Workers in various roles throughout a company can now receive a more personal set of business services and support based upon these unique role-based personas. Services, support levels and devices are all aligned to fit the day-to-day needs of the specified persona.

For example, a CIO can track the status of projects, compliance, IT financial performance or cloud resources with both high-level status and detailed information. An IT operations manager can monitor service incidents anywhere in the world, identifying and correcting in real time any that are in danger of violating SLAs. A chief marketing officer (CMO) or the head of Human Resources can have a consolidated view of key tools being utilized in their organizations.

Unisys VantagePoint Makes Ordering IT Services Easier The VantagePoint solution provides organizations a business services catalog that people in various roles can use to order IT services. For example, a home worker can use Unisys VantagePoint to order and track delivery of a new company-provided mobile device. Similarly, a director in IT operations can utilize Unisys VantagePoint to order services from any of a range of cloud resources, whether a hosted private cloud or a public cloud.  

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