New Web Site to Track Advanced Mobility Trends

Jan 16, 2014, 09:05 ET from AutoBeat Group LLC

DETROIT, Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A new Web site,—designed to keep visitors updated about connected vehicles, self-driving cars, ride sharing and other innovations in mobility—has been launched by the AutoBeat Group, a Bloomfield, Mich.-based publisher of online business newsletters about the auto industry.

The new site reports on global trends in emerging transportation alternatives through news items, videos, commentaries and analyses from experts in the field of New Mobility.

"Global trends ranging from growing urbanization to concerns about air pollution, energy supplies and natural resources are driving the search for faster, safer and more efficient ways to move us from A to B," says Bill Hampton, publisher, AutoBeat Group. "Our mission is to track what may well be the biggest revolution in transport since the invention of the automobile."

AMP also is hosting an invitational conference on advanced mobility on Feb. 21 at the headquarters of NextEnergy, a Detroit-based nonprofit organization that helps accelerate advanced technologies in several areas, including New Mobility. The meeting will be videotaped by Detroit Public Television and made into a one-hour Public Broadcasting System television program that airs this spring.

AMP is dedicated to delivering honest, straightforward information about the rapidly expanding world of transport options. It also will report on the challenges of connecting and coordinating these choices.

"There are no easy answers or single solution," Hampton adds. "But there's no question that big changes are coming, and quickly, that will make the way we travel more convenient, relaxing and productive than ever before."

Among the areas AMP will monitor are:

  • connectivity (telematics, mobile apps, mobility services, legal issues)
  • systems (networks, data management, multi-modal coordination, ride- and vehicle-sharing services)
  • tests (demonstration projects, field evaluations)
  • transportation policy (national and local planning and regulation)
  • trends (forecasts and analysis)
  • vehicles and equipment (automation, propulsion options, vehicle-infrastructure interface)

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