New Website Celebrates Invisible Giants: People Changing the World One Step at a Time

Mar 01, 2013, 04:23 ET from Leaders' Quest

LONDON, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Lindsay Levin, author of Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a time, and founder of the social enterprise Leaders' Quest launches a new website today:

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     (Photo: ) profiles Levin's book (out 5th March), and showcases the stories of some of the inspirational leaders she has met, often in the most unlikely places, through her work at Leaders' Quest.

The 'invisible giants' featured on the website are leaders from all walks of life and corners of the globe: from the West Bank to the streets of Mumbai and a high-security prison in Johannesburg.

There's Yang Xin, a man who led the first expedition to explore the Yangtze River from source to sea - 4,000 kilometres, 170 days and ten lives lost. 25 years later, he leads the push to preserve one of the planet's most precious ecosystems - the rivers that start on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau that support the lives of almost two billion people across south Asia.

There's Anwari Khan, who lives with her children next to one of the biggest rubbish dumps in Asia. A self-taught leader who never learned to read and write, she heads a network of hundreds of women, and runs training courses for the police on responding to domestic violence.

"I wanted to tell the stories of individuals like Yang Xin and Anwari, not because they are inherently more virtuous than high-profile leaders who strive to contribute to a happier, healthier world, but because their stories are rarely told and they too have a vital role to play in creating a brighter future," says Levin.

"Our work at Leaders' Quest is about bringing people together - from CEOs to grassroots activists - to learn from the unfamiliar and recognise the capacity they have to improve the world around them. I've come to realise that, despite all the challenges we face, we have reason to be optimistic. The potential of human beings to grow, create and overcome adversity is infinite."

To read the stories of these and other invisible giants visit:

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