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Aug 05, 2015, 09:20 ET from Pure Boost Ventures

NEW YORK, Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Alcoholic beverages have always been a clear-cut product for consumers; basic forms of liquor or wine were used either straight or as a base and mixed with another non-alcoholic beverage. New products are released to the market at a fairly constant rate; most are variations of classics or new fad products. When searching for an alcoholic beverage, millennial consumers have been drawn to products with appealing packaging that additionally offers them a specific benefit. Some offer quality or status, others quantity, and several reflect the purchasing consumers' personality.

In response to the call for fun, simple, and convenient enjoyment, Pure Boost Ventures announced THE BLOCK's release into the New York market in and around Manhattan. THE BLOCK is a premixed alcoholic cocktail that's packaging utility is simple to use and great for any social gathering.

The product contains components necessary for creating an ideal beverage that fuels any party.

  • Premixed Cocktail: THE BLOCK is premixed blending different fruit flavored mixes with two different types of alcohol. The first is a brandy that has a high alcohol content mixed with a wine product, but this isn't your normal wine. Think of how moonshine is made with mash, this is similar to that but still different as there is fruit involved (typically oranges) and has a lot more alcohol than your average glass of wine. Classified as a wine, it is more like a mixed drink from your local mixologist. Each one of the three flavors contains 15% alc/vol.
  • Three Different Flavors: Not everyone has the same pallet, it is great to have a beverage launching with three variations. THE BLOCK has a Pineapple Coconut, Green Apple, and a Blue Raspberry variant; each smoothly blended to appeal to each taste bud.
  • Packaging Utility: A show stopping bright package helps to get the social gathering started. Using a bag-in-box styled platform allows consumers to purchase three liters of their favorite premixed beverage that becomes easily dispensable from box to cup.

Douglas Simone, President of Pure Boost Ventures: Being part of our target demographic helps give us a leg up on various small and large powerhouses in the industry. The point isn't to tell consumers what they need, but answer a calling to fill a void in the market place. This is what we have aimed to accomplish with THE BLOCK.

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