Now on J-Source: Everybody (somehow) wins with NADbank; maintaining credibility as a sports journalist; a new model of cooperative journalism

Apr 04, 2013, 11:48 ET from Canadian Journalism Foundation

TORONTO, April 4, 2013 /CNW/ -


Does credibility take a hit when media companies own the teams their sports journalists cover?
By Ryan Mallough
With the start of baseball season this week, J-Source tackles sports journalism. How do you maintain editorial distance as a sports journalist when the company that writes your paycheque also owns the teams you cover? Is there a danger that coverage will turn into a public relations wing of the sports franchise? And what does this mean for journalistic integrity, independence and credibility?

Journalism Spin: How (somehow) everybody wins with the NADbank figures
By Tamara Baluja
When the NADbank figures were released last month, almost every newspaper had a story of how they're conquering the market one way or another. J-Source takes a look at how journalists may do a little spin when they look at their own in the mirror.

Putting the story ahead of the bylines: A new model of cooperative journalism at the Toronto Star
By Rob Cribb
What's more important: an exclusive or a great story? In this behind-the-scenes look, the Toronto Star explains how it shared resources with Spanish-language paper El Nuevo Herald to create a better journalism series on underage Cuban sex workers.

Journalist's reporting style not suitable topic for closed-door council meetings: Ontario Ombudsman
By Alexandra Posadzki
A journalist in the rural community of Clinton, Ont. claims a local councillor tried to have her banned from covering council meetings, a subject the Ontario Ombudsman deemed illegal for an in camera meeting. If the allegation is true, it may constitute an attack on the Charter-guaranteed right to freedom of the press. 



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