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Town Hall
Pressroom nostalgia and the decline of print
As printed newspapers continue their well-documented decline, the effect this has on the pressrooms that churn out their pages is not often discussed. Steve Ladurantaye, a third-generation newspaper man, laments the death of the pressroom and describes how the newspaper industry has gone from molten lead to centralized production centres in a mere 40 years.
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The Future of News
Q&A with Postmedia staff on journalism in their communities
In J-Source's first-ever live chat, Belinda Alzner put questions to the minds behind two projects in Postmedia newsrooms: the National Post Labs and the Edmonton Experiment. Though they have a similar mandate to explore journalism in their communities, each project is taking a different approache to achieving it.
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Joanne Kates' lifelong love affair
Like all iconic love affairs, Joanne Kates' relationship with food began many years ago. Angelina Irinici explains how the long-time restaurant critic for The Globe and Mail  came to love food and why she's not quite ready to hang up the pseudonyms just yet.
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Students' Lounge
Algorithm reporting: Is it a matter of 'if' or 'when?'
Instead of reporters, computers are now writing news stories on local sports, finance and crime in the United StatesAngelina Irinici says that while algorithm reporting isn't nearly as popular in Canadian publications yet, she still wonders: Will she lose out to a robot when it comes to getting her first real journalism job?
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Media coverage and the right to a fair trial

The Eaton Centre shooting and the Luka Magnotta case have received a lot of media attention — but will this coverage have an effect on the accused's right to a fair trial? Luka Magnotta's case caught the media's attention quickly when two body parts were mailed to two Canadian political parties. He is also alleged to have posted a video of the murder and acts of cannibalism online. Because new events continue to unfold, the case is still prominent in the media. Some experts say it may have an effect on Magnotta's trial because it is difficult for the public to be objective after everything it has heard. The same may be true for the trial of Christopher Husbands, who allegedly killed one man and injured several others in last weekend's Eaton Centre shooting. The story of the shootings spread quickly via social media (a professional athlete actually broke the story) and has affected a large number of people and their perceived sense of safety and outlook on Toronto. After almost every major Toronto media outlet had identified the victims of the shooting, a publication ban was placed on their names. That said, these are not the first Canadian incidents where the right to a fair trial may be compromised by media coverage.



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