NYT Best-Selling Author Shares Insights On Strategy For Businesses

May 01, 2014, 13:05 ET from Rich Horwath

CHICAGO, May 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A new book by best-selling author Rich Horwath shows managers and leaders how to think strategically and to effectively implement a strategy to grow their business and to, as his title suggests,  Elevate.

Recent studies on leadership by the Wall Street Journal and Chief Executive Magazine have found that the #1 ranked, most valued skill in leaders today is strategic thinking.  But only 3 out of 10 managers are strategic.  Horwath, CEO of Strategic Thinking Institute, helps business people at all levels understand what strategy is and how to think strategically in order to profitably grow their business.  The result is that readers of his new book, Elevate:  The Three Disciplines Of Advanced Strategic Thinking (Wiley), will discover a framework to think strategically on a daily basis and gain practical tools to reach their true strategic potential.

Horwath knows what managers need to do when it comes to developing and implementing strategy.  He has helped over 50,000 managers globally develop their strategic thinking skills.  Horwath has worked with leaders at industry leaders, including: Google, Intel, FedEx, Novartis, and Kraft.

Recognized as a thought leader on strategic thinking, Horwath takes an elevated look at how companies use strategy. He takes a helicopter approach, one that is high enough in the air to gain perspective (1000 feet), but not as high as a plane (30,000 feet), that the details get missed.

"Too often," says Horwath "strategy and innovation are approached separately, even though they share the common foundation of insight.  By becoming a more effective strategic thinker, a leader's better prepared to drive strategy and innovation together."

Horwath's sixth book presents three advanced disciplines to improve the implementation of strategic thinking throughout an organization. These disciplines provide executives with a concise new framework to think about how to grow their business profitability:

  • Coalesce: Fusing together insights to create an innovative business model.
  • Compete: Creating a system of strategy to achieve a great competitive advantage.
  • Champion: Leading others to think and act strategically to execute strategy.

Horwath concludes: "If you are not thinking and acting differently than other companies and other leaders in your industry, you will never excel.  Great strategic thinking creates different and unique value for customers. Elevate shows executives how to combine strategy and innovation to form a truly competitive advantage."

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