Olga Goloburda Shows Off Hot New RELLECIGA Bikinis in Phuket

Feb 29, 2016, 09:00 ET from http://www.relleciga.com

MUNICH, Feb. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- German blogger Olga Goloburda is collaborating with premium swimwear brand RELLECIGA to showcase the hot new bikini looks in Phuket, Thailand.

Co-founder of lifestyle website burdagrin.com, fashion and fitness-lover Olga's philosophy is all about empowering women to achieve their dreams. Olga uses her passion for fitness to inspire her fans to live a healthy lifestyle and build a toned, sexy figure; and her awesome sense of style to create ultra-fashionable looks.

Olga is also a travel lover, and she chose RELLECIGA swimwear to show off her stunning bikini body during her recent winter getaway to Phuket. According to Olga, a winter holiday is the perfect way to escape the cold European weather -- and a chance to indulge a bikini obsession.

Olga said: "RELLECIGA combines unique, European-inspired designs with superior craftsmanship to create bikinis that are both super sexy and top quality -- perfect for a fitness and fun filled trip to Thailand."

RELLECIGA bikinis are the ideal match for any beach getaway, and their wide array of stunning designs means there's a style to suit every occasion.

[Picture 1] http://www.relleciga.com/image/cache/data/for%20release/relleciga-bikini-x-olga---1-1000x568.jpg

Here, Olga combines a bright yellow and red lace triangle bikini with simple, elegant jewelry to create a beach look that is both feminine and fun. The sultry red lace, braided neck-ties, and subtle accessories bring class and sexiness, while the bright neon adds a joyful twist.

[Picture 2] http://www.relleciga.com/image/cache/data/for%20release/relleciga-bikini-x-olga---2-1000x568.jpg

This next combination is pure retro glamor. Olga looks amazing in RELLECIGA's rikini (a unique bikini that can be worn six ways) accessorized with vintage round shades and sky-high neon pink platforms. Chic braided hair adds the finishing touch to this 1960s-inspired outfit.

[Picture 3] http://www.relleciga.com/image/cache/data/for%20release/relleciga-bikini-x-olga---3-1000x568.jpg

This final look epitomizes feminine, sexy style. Olga combines a classically colorful printed bikini with ultra-stylish round shades and simple jewelry to create an elegant, fresh look that is sure to turn heads on the beach. Cute bow detailing on the bikini top and bottoms adds an extra injection of charm.

All of RELLECIGA's gorgeous collections are available to buy from the RELLECIGA website, and more of Olga's hot fashion tips can be found at burdagrin.com.


RELLECIGA is the Victoria's Secret of swimwear. The first bikini brand to be featured in New York's Times Square, RELLECIGA's mission is to create top quality, super sexy swimwear that perfectly showcases the elegance and beauty of the woman wearing it.

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