PassiveTotal Brings Flashpoint's Deep & Dark Web Intelligence to Threat Infrastructure Analysis Platform

Integration Adds Rich Context to Threat Indicators

Aug 04, 2015, 10:03 ET from Flashpoint

NEW YORK, Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- As organizations increasingly find themselves defending their networks against a multitude of attacks, the need to make a confident and quick assessment of an attack or an actor's motivations can be critical.

With this understanding of the current threat environment in mind, PassiveTotal and Flashpoint are excited to announce a partnership that will bring actor-based threat intelligence to the PassiveTotal platform. With this partnership, Flashpoint customers will now be able to access integrated intelligence on illicit actors and activity while conducting threat infrastructure research in the PassiveTotal platform.

Data enrichment is key to assessing the potential maliciousness of a piece of threat infrastructure. PassiveTotal prides itself on seamlessly bringing together disparate passive DNS data sets, enriching that data, and allowing analysts to make informed decisions about whether a domain or IP address is malicious. In order to make the best possible assessment, analysts must have all pieces of the puzzle to provide as much context surrounding an indicator as possible. With the addition of threat intelligence data from Flashpoint's extensive repository of actor-based data, PassiveTotal is able to provide analysts with increased insight into possible threats targeting their organization.

By associating your Flashpoint API key within PassiveTotal, analysts will immediately have Flashpoint's vast repository of Deep & Dark Web data readily available while conducting threat infrastructure analysis. When searching for a domain or IP address, PassiveTotal will actively query Flashpoint's intelligence repository to see if an entity of interest is correlated with any known malicious activity from the Deep & Dark Web. If data is available, PassiveTotal will dynamically tag the entity with a Flashpoint tag and display Flashpoint intelligence data within a tab in the platform, allowing easy access to the data with no need to leave PassiveTotal.

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