Paying to be Petrified!

Oct 12, 2011, 15:30 ET from Haunted Attraction Association

Haunt Enthusiasts of All Ages Seek Adrenaline Rush at Haunted Attractions

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J., Oct. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Why do people choose to pay people to scare them? The Haunted Attraction Association (HAA) sheds some light on this age old question and the results might surprise you.

"In all forms of entertainment, the common goal is to elicit emotions. Haunted attractions excel at exploiting the emotion of fear in a fun way and offer a huge adrenaline rush not found very often in today's overly cautious world. Haunts ultimately take people out of their comfort zones and create an experience that can't be felt sitting at home on the couch," said Patrick Konopelski, HAA President.

People of all ages and walks of life attend haunted attractions for different reasons. Based on where they are in the course of their life, or who they socialize with, haunt enthusiasts range from the old to the young and everyone in between. They can be males or females who live in close proximity to a haunt, or road trippers who plan vacations around a fright-filled autumn. The HAA Board of Directors offered some interesting insights on different groups of haunt enthusiasts—where do you fit in?

A rite of passage. Haunted attractions offer a rare chance for growing children to prove they are no longer a "little kid." Parents bring their children to haunted houses for a family experience—cherishing time spent participating in a fun activity before their kids outgrow trips as a family.  

Mob mentality. Tweens and teens come out in droves, representing a large segment of the haunted attraction customer base. This can include organized groups from schools, scout troops and churches. Also with the advent of social media, people (not just kids) are sharing their experience through Facebook, foursquare and Twitter—extending the experience to an even larger group of friends.

Date night! Haunted attractions offer a great entertainment option for couples in their 20s and 30s—even Baby Boomers are seeking hair-raising entertainment through haunted attractions. They are reminded how fun Halloween was when they were a kid. Plus, an evening out at a haunted attraction filled with laughing, screaming, running and having a great time truly can't compare to other traditional date night activities like going to the movies that aren't interactive.

Road trippin'. A large group of haunt-goers travel around the country chasing the legends of many different haunted attractions each year. They plan their vacation time around the season and load their itineraries with as many haunts as possible.   

The haunted attraction industry is approximately $6 billion in size and includes an estimated 2,500 haunted attractions worldwide. For a list of HAA member attractions in your area, visit our website. To learn more about the industry or become a member of HAA, call (609) 799-4900.

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