Peace of Winter Holiday Album Unites Music Makers and Listeners Alike

Snowflake and Give a Fresh Approach to Familiar Traditions

Nov 25, 2009, 03:00 ET from ArtisTech Media

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- In a unique musical celebration of sharing in the name of peace, music makers have joined remix artist Snowflake in the creation of a remarkable holiday album. Proudly published by ArtisTech Media as their first release since assuming operational responsibility for, Peace of Winter unites an incredibly diverse community of music makers to produce a fresh new collection of tunes that capture the spirit of the holidays and the essence of on-line collaboration across musical and cultural backgrounds. The album features brand new takes on inter-faith classics like "Sevivon" and "I Heard The Bells" from a new breed of world-class remix artists including Loveshadow, Ditto Ditto and DoKashiteru in addition to unique reflections on peace mixed in with joyous celebration of winter. By combining the resources of ccMixter's open music on-line community with ArtisTech's B2B digital distribution partnerships and non-exclusive licensing agreements, Peace of Winter is a hallmark for the future of how music content is delivered to the listener. Most importantly -- the songs are refreshing. Imagine Dido, Lamb, Portishead, and Peter Gabriel combined -- and you've got an idea of what Peace of Winter is all about.

"The entire concept of ccMixter is based on sharing -- not just digital files -- but creativity, emotions and experiences," says Fourstones, founding administrator of, "This project allowed our community to extend that concept beyond the confines of the Internet to a cause we believe needs more attention. This online community is using the unique tools available to them for enhancing creative productivity, to send a message of peace and solidarity to a real-world community that is struggling for its survival."

"Peace and sharing are the themes I love about our winter holidays," adds Snowflake, curator of Peace of Winter. "In sending half the proceeds from this album to the Dalai Lama Foundation, the contributing artists at and we at ArtisTech Media share a message of peace through music. Peace through the embrace of diversity rather than the force of military might. Peace without converting everyone to the same point of view. Peace through generosity rather than greed. We cast a joyous vote for the Dalai Lama representing the people of Tibet and his personal ability to connect with people across religious and cultural boundaries."

Morgantj's mix "Silhouette of Tibet" is track seven of the release and draws heavily from Buddhist chant recordings delivering this same message of peace and freedom through music.

Listeners can get the music on Peace of Winter legally and without guilt for free. However this album is an opportunity to cast a small personal vote with one's money for those wishing to do so. Big Fish Media is handling digital distribution to iTunes, emusic, and AmazonMP3. JamendoPRO provides avenues for retail and commercial access. By purchasing digital downloads in iTunes or just leaving a tip at, listeners can say "I support open and fair music for peace."

What else is underneath the tree? TuneTrack's digital-LP features Snowflake and her remixing friends complete with CD-quality downloads, Artbook and more. By joining her soon to be legendary Green Room, patron members take part in the continuing musical explorations -- the collaborative search that is the next generation of Snowflake's sound. The sound of community.

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