PEAKfresh(R) USA Offers Environmentally Friendly, Gas-Free Produce Packaging Solutions

Berry Growers/Shippers Abandon 40-Year Old Antiquated Process To Lead the Charge in Reducing Carbon Footprint

Oct 20, 2009, 09:30 ET from PEAKfresh

ANAHEIM, Calif., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- During a time when reducing carbon footprints along the food chain is of primary concern, those in the produce industry want to ensure that their choice for keeping produce fresh does not come at the expense of the environment and people's safety. At the recent Produce Marketing Association show, the buzz on the floor was that a highly effective gas-free solution was available to leading growers, distributors and grocers.

"The number one question I was asked at PMA was 'Do you gas?' and I'm proud to say absolutely not," says Greg Ganzerla, President of PEAKfresh® USA, a leading modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) company. Using an antiquated, sealed system that requires gassing is environmentally un-friendly and uses dangerous carbon dioxide that ultimately is released into the atmosphere."

"PEAKfresh® offers a modern, green solution by using bags, carton liners and pallet covers impregnated with an all-natural mineral film that removes and absorbs the ethylene gas, the catalyst for the ripening process," continues Ganzerla. PEAKfresh® keeps our customer's produce safe, fresh and delicious, while never compromising the environment. The study conducted by UC Davis demonstrates that PEAKfresh® is just as effective as older methods - so customers feel good knowing they're not compromising on efficacy."

The good news is that there are some berry grower/shippers throughout California and Mexico, including Eclipse Berry Farms, Sweet Darling, Red Blossom Farms, Expo Fresh, Hill Ranch, Agro-Jal, Deardorff Family Farms, Orange County Produce and Valley Fresh Produce, as well as nearly all of the berry growers/shippers in Florida that have adopted this revolutionary, green technology, with impressive end results. Ganzerla says he is looking forward to seeing the vast majority of national berry shippers who currently use non-retrievable C02 gassing methods, and who ship to major store chains, switch to more environmentally responsible shipping alternatives.

"By using PEAKfresh® as our trusted packaging partner, we take serious pride in knowing we are not only offering our customers the freshest and tastiest berries, but also that we are leading the charge to make the berry industry's practices more environmentally sound," says Rick Hearst of Eclipse Berry Farms, a leading berry grower in Oxnard and Watsonville, Calif., the country's berry-growing capital. "Our hope is that others in the produce and retail industry will more fully understand the risks of gassing and switch to PEAKfresh® because it's safer for their employees and the environment."

Trusted since 1992 by some of the world's leading growers/shippers, packers and exporters, PEAKfresh® makes sure more than $300 million in produce arrives at its destination, fresher, safer and tastier. PEAKfresh® is highly effective for protecting a variety of produce prone to early ripening, including berries, asparagus, cut flowers, broccoli, tomatoes, stone fruits and mixed loads of fresh vegetables.

PEAKfresh® products contain an anti-fogging treatment that removes moisture formation, inhibiting mold and bacteria growth, while simultaneously maintaining a high-humidity environment so delicate items like flowers and green vegetables do not dehydrate.

PEAKfresh® is a MAP that is not sealed, giving customers more value for their money as it can remain on the produce all the way to store level. Unlike sealed systems, the pallet covers can be removed at anytime for quality or temperature inspection. The covers can then be quickly reapplied, protecting the remaining produce at the same efficacy level until the pallet is uncovered again. The pallet covers are easy to remove and reapply, requiring one person and no special equipment. It also is an ideal choice for shipping internationally via air and sea freight.

PEAKfresh® currently has six commercial products including carton liners for long-distance shipping; bulk bin liners and pallet covers; an iceless broccoli packaging (also works great for green onions, carrots and radishes); Duo Bags for Fresh Herbs; and, Flower Sheets and Bags. All PEAKfresh® products are recyclable and certified to be in compliance with organic standards.

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