Publishes Debt Consolidation Guide has shared some highlights from its debt consolidation guide. Aimed at consumers looking for practical methods for reducing interest rates and paying down debts, the guide is free to access on the website.

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NEW YORK, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Leading consumer finance experts have helped compile a new debt consolidation guide available via the website.

The guide has been produced as a reaction to the latest statistics from the Federal Reserve indicating that consumer debt in America is continuing to increase. The figures detail the total amount owed in non-mortgage related debt almost hit $2.8 trillion in December 2012. According to data made available by the Census Bureau, this averages to $8,800 debt for every man, woman and child living in the United States.

For a large proportion of those adults with large amounts of debt, consolidation is a necessary option that can allow for decreased interest rates and more manageable monthly repayments. When used responsibly and from authorized debt consolidation specialists, such loans may actually reduce the total amount owed simply by amalgamating many high interest debts into one lower interest debt.

The debt consolidation guide includes impartial advice and tips on the many aspects of debt consolidation that should be considered by consumers before taking the plunge.

Some highlights of the guide include a discussion on the need for focusing on improving finances in the long term in order to pay down all debts. Also covered is the importance of repairing finances enough to begin a contingency savings fund. announced the publication of the guide in the following statement.

" is pleased to make available a debt consolidation guide to Americans in debt. The guide advises consumers to look closely at the numbers involved in any debt consolidation offer as some can result in considerably larger amounts of money repaid over time due to longer repayment terms. Such loans may not represent such an appealing alternative for some borrowers who may be better off looking at ways to decrease expenditure in other areas in order to bear the brunt of shorter term, higher repayments will less interest repaid overall." is also a hub for free information on managing expenses, repairing credit. The domain is perhaps best known as a popular destination for searching and comparing bad credit loans from top lenders.

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