Philadelphia Eagles, 76ers Using Unequal Technologies' Insoles in '09; First Product in Sporting Goods Industry to Use Kevlar as Shock Suppressant

Oct 13, 2009, 11:00 ET from Unequal Technologies

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The latest game-changing tactic in the Philadelphia Eagles and 76ers playbook is military-grade technology to protect the players' feet.

"Current insoles were just not working, resulting in muscle injury, joint pain, foot fatigue and soreness. So we literally needed to step up our game," says Dr. Lee Cohen, team podiatrist for both the Eagles and 76ers. Enter in Unequal® Ultra-Lite Insoles, which according to a Villanova University study block up to 80 percent of harmful shockwave impact to reduce the injury and fatigue that players experience.

The insoles are also the first product ever in the sporting goods industry to use the bullet-stopping power of DuPont's Kevlar as a shock suppressant.

The Eagles and 76ers now join other athletes already wearing Unequal® insoles, a list that includes PGA golfers, Olympic athletes and marathon runners. All have benefitted from Unequal's decade of university-partnered research (Villanova, Drexel University, The Rothman Institute) that has cost millions of dollars and resulted in 50-plus patents.

Speaking specifically to his work with the Eagles, Cohen said: "With the trend of turf and the ever-increasing speed of play, football has more of an impact on the human foot than any other sport. I knew Kevlar was lightweight, pliable and the best shock blocking material, so we tried the Ultra-Lite insoles. The players felt the difference immediately."

Cohen went on to compare the technology to his own $200 specialty insoles: "Unequal's insoles are truly injury eliminators, reducing that stress unlike any technology I've seen before, even in my own products." Unequal's Ultra-Lite insoles retail for only $25 (

Completing his notes on his work with the Eagles, Dr. Cohen relayed player feedback, citing that many of the players could "no longer feel the discomfort of cleats through the shoe's sole" with Unequal insoles. They also reported that the lightweight, custom fitted insoles kept the shoes light, and helped them run longer - all while giving them greater rebound.

The Paradigm Shift in Sports Technology

According to Sports Podiatry magazine, there is now a paradigm shift for shoe insoles from traditional cushioning towards shock suppression technology. Soon to be implemented by major athletic shoe manufacturers, this insole evolution will result in less vibrations traveling up the lower extremity, eliminating fatigue occurring within muscles that lead to injury.

Unequal is already ahead of the industry curve, combining the shock suppression of Kevlar® with state of the art cushioning technology to support the foot. Kevlar® acts as the middle reinforcement layer and lateral structure that prevents the insole from flattening or bottoming out, much like the foam and rubber materials found in other insoles.

About Unequal Technologies

Unequal sporting goods products "block the shock, not the feel," enabling a great tactile touch without the harmful impact shock. Unequal's patented Kevlar® technology is also being used in other equipment designed by major manufacturers for several sports, including: baseball, football, golf, tennis, cycling and athletic tape.

SOURCE Unequal Technologies