Ping4 Launches Ping4Deals: A New Medium to Help Global Retailers Reach Nearby Customers & Ultimate Shopping App for Consumers

Jul 27, 2011, 12:41 ET from Ping4, Inc.

HOLLIS, N.H., July 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ping4, Inc., the leading provider of scalable, geo-location based communications software for use in mobile applications and services, announced today the launch of Ping4Deals, "The Ultimate Shopping App," a real-time, location sensitive, conditions-based, direct marketing tool that alerts Smartphone users with "Deal Alert" communications over any Wi-Fi network or GPS coverage near shopping malls, store locations and other retail venues. Ping4Deals is a new medium which targets the untapped market of tens of thousands of potential customers with smart phones who travel within 25 miles of most retail stores every day. Designed to meet the needs of the largest retailers, Ping4Deals enables them for the first time to push appealing, ad agency quality content to mobile consumers in order to increase same store sales and to capture impulse purchases from consumers right at the most critical moment for making a purchasing decision.  Ping4Deals delivers the deals according to where, when and what consumers want. To view a video of the app click here.

"Ping4Deals delivers to the global retailer not just a thousand new customers on a particular day, but thousands at every mall or store every day," said Jim Bender, CEO of Ping4Deals. "This solution is ideally suited to global retailers because we stay out of their revenue stream, we don't impact gross margins, we give them full control over branding, marketing and advertising, and we scale globally overnight."

A free download from the Apple Store/iTunes (soon to be available on Android) and available for a nominal fee to retailers, Ping4Deals pushes dynamic ads to consumers in real-time according to their pre-selected filters and preferences. Ping4Deals utilizes Wi-Fi and GPS technology and rather than relying on simple SMS text messages, it delivers multimedia messaging including Text, Pictures, Wave Files and Video. Ping4Deals is designed to minimize the drain on cell phone batteries and on mobile calling plan minutes of use. It can be configured nationally, globally or at the individual store level (hosted, software-as-a-service, or on premise).

Its map and compass features enable consumers to search for directions to stores within a 50 mile radius of wherever they are. The "Deal Speak/Alert" (soon to be available) feature will "wake up" the smart phone of a nearby subscriber when they are within the 5 miles (or 300 feet via Wi-Fi) of a store or mall location and speak the deals to them for a safe hands-free offering. Access is also available via a web browser. Now retailers can dynamically create and deliver marketing communications based upon a multitude of real-time conditions including time of day, store activity, weather conditions, inventory levels, or something specific to the consumer's profile or buying patterns.  

"Our products integrate seamlessly into the retailers overall e-commerce and social networking marketing strategies," said Nigel Spicer, Senior Vice President, Ping4Deals. "We have received a great deal of interest in this service and have already begun working with some of the largest national retailers, shopping mall operators and advertising agencies. This is a new communication medium that can be used to provision many other interesting applications such as public safety, missing children, charity, and social games."

About Ping4

Ping4Deals was created by Ping4, Inc., an innovative software company formed to focus on location based services for Shoppers, Merchants, and other apps for consumer, government and education markets. Ping4Deals delivers local promotional offers directly to consumers through the free Ping4Deals app on their smartphone or the browser on any mobile device. Ping4, Inc. specializes in the development of scalable geo-location based communications software for use in mobile applications. The firm's management has over 40 years of experience in the development of software related products. To learn more about these innovative solutions visit

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