Pivot Conference Declares Spiral16 Web Monitoring Platform For Major Players

Oct 26, 2011, 16:35 ET from Spiral16

NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Spiral16, a powerful platform for professional-grade analytics across the web, was chosen for an exclusive partnership with The Pivot Conference, hosted by author and social business speaker Brian Solis.  Pivot chose Spiral16 as "best in class" for web monitoring. As part of the partnership, Pivot developed a set of analytical frameworks to understand what unique insights Spiral16 could deliver about the universe of social media professionals that Pivot serves.

"Spiral16 isn't a fly-by-night monitoring tool. It has incredible depth and flexibility and far broader data coverage than most emerging analytics platforms," said Mike Edelhart, President of the Tomorrow Project LLC, producers of Pivot. "It pulls in and qualifies the kind of web data that's essential for businesses to succeed in this social-fueled consumer revolution."  

The quality of Spiral16 data is more contextually accurate due to its unique relevancy scoring system, which allows the user to train the platform to recognize better results. This process is completely automated, but users can refine acceptance parameters at any time and edit any data point according to context. This cuts down on spam and irrelevant results, saving users valuable time.

The robust, multi-leveled data provided by Spiral16 gave the Pivot team the opportunity to create its own custom data sets and measure the intersection of key social media terms and online mentions of the Pivot Conference.

"Companies need a platform that can make sense of online data for their own specific business objectives," said Edelhart. "Spiral16 goes beyond keywords, analyzing the text on each web page to target the data that matters."

A complimentary copy of the case study is available at the PivotCon 2011 research page:


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Spiral16 is a powerful web research and business intelligence platform that helps companies listen, measure, and visualize online data. Spiral16's analytics team helps you set up projects and interpret results to meet your company's goals and is also available in DIY form for advanced users. The platform ranks web pages according to your specific topic, classifies sentiment, and performs real-time semantic analysis. Its 3D visual-mapping feature identifies hubs of influence and patterns in online communities and allows you to understand complex data connections at a glance. For more information, visit www.spiral16.com.

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