Precision medicine newly available for Quebec patients. A collaboration between BiogeniQ and the private medical clinic Crea-MeD.

May 27, 2015, 07:15 ET from Créa-MeD

MONTREAL, May 27, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ - BiogeniQ is the first Canadian company to specialise in delivering genetic testing in a clinical setting in collaboration with healthcare professionals. The company has developed testing panels that allow people to better understand important information stored in their DNA.  More specifically, BiogeniQ's tests help people optimize their health by giving specific advice about nutrition and medications.

If questions like 'am I sensitive to Gluten' or 'am I sensitive to Caffeine' often come to mind, and you aren't sure of the cause of indigestion or an elevated heart rate, the answer could be in your genes. The science behind genetics also allows people to predict with very high accuracy how they will react to certain medications; with genetics it is possible to choose the right medication at the right dose in order to avoid side effect and get the desired therapeutic effect. 

Créa-med, a private medical clinic which puts emphasis on personalized medicine and innovation in healthcare, is proud to offer a higher level of service and precision to its patients. According to Dr. Luc Bessette, president of Créa-med, "Precision medicine is at our door; luckily we are at a point where treating all patients the same way - as a statistic and despite their individuality - will be a thing of the past."

BiogeniQ is proud to offer its 2 tests in partnership with Créa-Med and to participate in the advancement of medicine in Quebec. 

About BiogeniQ

BiogeniQ offers genetic tests that help people optimize their nutrition and medications. Since being founded in 2013, BiogeniQ has been recognized on numerous occasions; in June 2014 the company was named the 'Most Innovative New Company in Quebec' by the Concours Québécois en Entrepreneuriat. President and founder Étienne Crevier was also named Scientific Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014.   

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