ProActive Pet Products Advances With Digital Airo's Technology

Aug 11, 2015, 08:23 ET from ProActive Pet Products, Inc.

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ProActive Pet Products, Inc. (OTC: PPPI), announced today, that in addition to launching its new pet health safety website, the Company has made significant strides in aligning its wholly owned subsidiary, Digital Airo, Inc. ("Digital Airo"), with its primary brand; creating a synergy that will give ProActive Pet Products a technological advantage over competitors within the pet accessories space.

"The pet accessory sector is a $15.7 Billion market and growing rapidly," stated John Taylor, President of ProActive Pet Products, Inc. "We don't plan on simply being a common player, but rather a dominator. We will offer a suite of 'must have' products; all of which cater to a relatively untapped market-niche within the sector, both domestically and internationally. While leveraging our Digital Airo subsidiary, ProActive Pet Products will advance its service offerings with Digital Airo's digital technology."

Management believes that the synergy between the companies, primarily resides in the technological influence that Digital Airo's products could have on an evolving pet health/safety market. By using the secured/verifiable electronic system that Digital Airo offers for the secured storage and transmission of electronic documents, ProActive Pet Products will advance its service offerings with Digital Airo's digital technology through the introduction of Registered Pet™.  Management anticipates that the Company will offer its own electronic system to pet owners, "affording them the ability to store and access pertinent data pertaining to their pet's health," said Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor continued, "This data could include legal documents (ownership, vaccinations, etc.), insurance information, health records and photos. In other words, much of the same information that is, or should be electronically stored and accessible pertaining to you or your children, will now be available for your pet. Remember, like children, pets rely on you 24/7 for love, shelter, food and especially their health."

Digital Airo, Inc., which markets and operates the Registered Express™ brand, is in the business of delivering electronic documents through a secured and verifiable [registered] delivery system. ProActive Pet Product's acumen resides in the Company's innovative development of practical preparedness solutions for pet emergencies. The Company also offers a specialized suite of pet safety and health products, for a rapidly growing niche market.

The Digital Airo team is rapidly developing Registered Pet™ ( for ProActive Pet Products. Registered Pet™ will be the online hub for secured storage, retrieval and transmission of electronic documents and records for pets and pet owners. Management anticipates ProActive Pet Products will advance its service offerings with Digital Airo's digital technology, and that Registered Pet™ will be operational during the 4th quarter of 2015.

Mr. Taylor concluded, "We intend to utilize and leverage our vast knowledge and relationships within the retail community, to ensure a successful launch of ProActive Pet Products' service offerings. Particularly, as we take advantage of our proprietary Registered Express system for the monetization of Registered Pet™. We expect that our focus on this niche, will solidify us as an industry leader in this segment of the pet accessories market. This will ultimately translate to our bottom line, for long term profitability, value and upside potential."

About ProActive Pet Products, Inc.

ProActive Pet Products, Inc. is a Nevada based, Pet Product Development Company. The Company's primary business is the manufacture and sale of its pet first aid kits, pet emergency go kits, and related products. The Company's expertise is in the innovative development of its pet safety and health products, its astute recognition of the rigorous demands by dog and cat owners, and the need for practical preparedness solutions.

The mission of ProActive Pet Products™ is to be the market and industry leader for Dog and Cat First Aid Kits, Emergency / Evacuation GO Kits, and related pet health and safety products.

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About Digital Airo, Inc.

Digital Airo, Inc. is in the principal business of marketing and operating is premier brand Registered Express™ (a registered system for the secure and verifiable delivery of electronic documents). Digital Airo, Inc. is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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