Proexport Colombia to Highlight Growing Technology Sector at eMerge Americas

With Innovative Technological Offerings and Investment Opportunities, Colombia's IT Sector Remains Third Largest in Latin America

May 05, 2014, 09:27 ET from Proexport Colombia

MIAMI, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- (Pxp) – Two dozen of Colombia's most innovative technology companies will showcase their products at eMerge Americas 2014 in Miami, Proexport Colombia announced today. The conference, taking place May 5-6, 2014, aims to transform Miami into the technological hub of the Americas by connecting global industry leaders and investors with Latin America's top business executives, IT decision-makers and innovative entrepreneurs. At the event, Proexport Colombia, the government agency charged with promoting trade, investment and tourism, will be assisting business leaders from its startup and tech community, showcasing the latest technological advances and newest ideas coming out of the country.

Colombia's technology industry has experienced rapid growth over the past five years, nearly doubling in size and providing tremendous opportunities for local entrepreneurs and foreign investors. In 2012, the country's communication exports reached US$218 million and IT exports reached US$139 million, demonstrating growth in both sectors and establishing Colombia's important role in the global tech ecosystem.

According to the International Data Corporation, the IT market in Colombia represented over $6.8 million dollars in 2012 between hardware (58 percent), services (30 percent) and software (12 percent), and grew 1.9 times over the last five years. The IDC also reports that Colombia represents the third largest IT services market in Latin America, behind Brazil and Mexico.

This growth is largely due to the country's growing and increasingly competitive technology community. At eMerge Americas, Proexport will be joined by Colombian companies specializing in everything from mobile application development, business processes and document management, software engineering and development and IT solutions. Companies such as Areamovil, NativApps and Kogi Mobile aim to create advanced application systems for maximum consumer utilization, while companies including River Software Technologies, SoftManagement S.A. and Heon Health OnLine focus on software development. Their work touches on the sectors of healthcare, education, government and more both domestically, regionally and internationally.

Colombia's participation in events such as eMerge Americas demonstrates the growing strength of its economy and crucial sectors such as IT and communication. In 2013, Proexport broke previous records for attracting foreign direct investment to the country, securing at least $16.8 billion. Through its work, Proexport aims to increase the flow of investment into the country, while also increasing the number of foreign visitors and the number and variety of products exported abroad.

The eMerge Americas Conference begins May 5 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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