Professional Hospital Supply Achieves Unmatched Wi-Fi Functionality with Xirrus

Medical Supplier Improves TVM and ROI with Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays, Distributing Network Intelligence to the Edge while Maintaining Central Management

Jun 09, 2010, 06:00 ET from Xirrus

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Xirrus®, the leader in High Performance Wi-Fi that delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, and user density in the industry, announced today the deployment of Xirrus high performance 802.11n Wi-Fi Arrays at Professional Hospital Supply (PHS) headquartered in Temecula, California. With seven buildings spread throughout California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah, Xirrus was the obvious choice for PHS as they required the fewest number of devices while still offering a central management system to control all Arrays from a single location.

Dave House, Vice President of Information Systems at PHS explains why Xirrus offered a better solution than the competitors, "We looked around and decided upon Xirrus for a number of reasons, primarily the number of access points needed to cover our warehouses. We had another building where we were using a different Wi-Fi vendor. When we sat down and did the comparison between our legacy solution and the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array platform, we found that we'd have to purchase quite a few less access points with Xirrus than the competition – almost a two to one ratio.   This meant half the switch ports, cable runs, and devices to install and manage."

Dave continues by explaining yet another reason Xirrus was the best vendor for the job, "We have a value-added reseller who we are closely aligned with and they had installed Xirrus Arrays in a number of other warehouses similar to ours. We were able to go out there and look at their deployments and were very impressed with what other people had to say about the Xirrus equipment – and they were right, the Arrays work very well."

"In configuring the Arrays we could do it from our corporate office and administer to the Arrays at all of our other facilities without having to send someone out there," added Dave.  "The remote administration was a big tool for us in the other facilities and we still have four more facilities that we'll be deploying Xirrus in so central management and ease of configuration was a big reason for choosing Xirrus."

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