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  • When to Cash Your Shares Out
  • Brand Anniversaries
  • Artists' Songs Generating Royalties That They're Unaware Of
  • Shaping a Brand's Story by In-Store Shopping Experience
  • Dress for Success: Tips for Building a Professional Wardrobe
  • Benefits of Social Engagement Among Older Adults Using a Paro the Robotic Seal


  • Managing Editor - The Houston Press (TX)
  • Travel Reporter - U.S. News & World Report (DC)
  • News Editor - Montrose Daily Press (CO)


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  • Eleven AP Style Tips for the 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • Expert Spotlight: Soccer Coach Jay Martin


When to Cash Your Shares Out
Bijan Golkar, CFP
Vice President/Senior Advisor
FPC Investment Advisory, Inc.
When do you cash your shares out? If you're like most RSU recipients, you plan to hold on to your shares for a year before selling. That way, you'll avoid the very high tax rate on short-term capital gains, and pay the lower, long-term capital gains rate, right? Actually that's not how RSUs work. Amazingly, their tax treatment is something that few people in the tech industry understand. Your taxes are calculated and withheld by your company as soon as your units vest. And that tax cut is painful, by the way: Depending on where you live, the IRS and your state of residence could end up taking nearly 50% of your stocks value. Says Golkar: "When your wealth is all in the form of your company's stock, you're not just putting all your eggs in one basket, you're living in that basket too."
Bijan has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, The Fiscal Times and He is located in San Francisco, Calif.
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Media Contact: Steve Garmhausen,

Brand Anniversaries
Marty Brochstein
SVP, Industry Relations & Information
International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association (LIMA)
"An anniversary is a prime opportunity to shine a spotlight on a brand – whether a movie franchise ("Ghostbusters"), an iconic TV property ("The Simpsons"), a car (Ford Mustang) or even a band (Kiss) – and, through the power of licensing, remind consumers and media about something that struck a very strong emotional chord in their lives. Whether it's to kick off a special event, create a new line of limited-edition licensed products or reimagine a brand's look via licensed merchandise, an anniversary is an opportunity for companies to reinvigorate their brands and introduce, or reintroduce, a property to consumers in a whole new way. They can also open up new possibilities for retailers, as a brand expands into various categories to reach customers that may be outside of their core demographics. With both the upcoming 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty and the 30th anniversary of "Ghostbusters," for example, we're seeing new lines of licensed products being developed and made available for fans of all ages – from long-time devotees of a brand to those who are just experiencing a property for the first time. Celebrating a brand anniversary through new licensing opportunities can help fortify a brand's longevity and help ensure it remains relevant for the long haul."
Brochstein is responsible for LIMA's outbound communications, as well as many of its educational efforts, such as the year-round webinar program and the extensive Licensing University seminar program that takes place each year in conjunction with the Brand Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. He also has spoken at conferences and seminars around the world on a wide range of licensing- and retail-related issues, and is widely quoted on issues related to licensing, marketing and branding. He was a business journalist for more than 30 years, primarily covering the consumer products and retail industries. Founded in 1985, the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association (LIMA) is the primary trade organization for the worldwide licensing industry.
Media contact: Jaymie Ivler,

Artists' Songs Generating Royalties That They're Unaware Of
Jamie Purpora
President, Music Publishing Administration
"With all of the different ways songwriters' compositions can be used and distributed, there's a good chance their songs are generating royalties they're not even aware of. Ultimately, this means they're missing out on collecting money that they've earned, and that ain't cool."
Purpora is an expert in music publishing administration, with expertise in areas such as copyrights, royalties and revenue collection for songwriters and performers worldwide. His expertise encompasses both digital and physical channels, including terrestrial and satellite radio, digital downloads and streaming services and sync licensing to films, commercials, TV shows and more. He has 20 years of experience in music publishing administration. Prior to TuneCore, he was with Bug Music Inc., one of the largest independent music publishers in the world.
Media Contact: Sherry Smith,

Shaping a Brand's Story by In-Store Shopping Experience
Matt Schmitt
President & Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer
"For most retailers, the store is the ultimate manifestation of the brand. It's the place where customers are fully engaged with the brand. And while it's still the moment of truth for creating transactions, it's also the time and place for creating a deeper connection with the customer.  Many retail brands have great mobile apps, websites, YouTube channels and social media. But there is often a lack of awareness of these touchpoints. This awareness gap can be bridged by more effectively leveraging the store to tell the brand story, and to let the customer know all the ways they can engage the brand further after leaving the store."
Schmitt is an expert in digital media solutions that empower consumer-facing companies, positively impacting sales and brand equity. He believes a brand's story is shaped by each customer's in-store shopping experience, and the right digital media strategy can significantly impact that experience, generating sales lift and deepening brand connection. He can discuss the latest technology tools available to control the digital message from the moment customers walk through the door, contributing to merchandising success at each location. He created and managed the emerging technologies group for Yahoo! Inc., where he worked with business units to develop and deploy rich media solutions to Yahoo! Properties. He also managed several groups at, the pioneering webcasting company which had a successful IPO and was subsequently acquired by Yahoo! Inc. in 1999. Previously, he managed operations for Fox Sports Direct, the satellite broadcasting unit of Fox Sports. He worked closely with the major sports leagues and cable affiliates to facilitate nationwide delivery and distribution of programming. In addition, he helped facilitate Fox Sports' programming conversion from analog to digital broadcasting, and helped launch new programs, such as NFL Sunday Ticket. He is located in Dallas, Texas.
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Media Contact: Tracie Wilbanks,

Dress for Success: Tips for Building a Professional Wardrobe
Stephanie Thomas
Stylist and Fashion Instructor
The Art Institute of California in Los Angeles
Whether you are a recent grad or someone re-entering a professional work environment, building a work wardrobe that strikes a balance between professionalism and personal style is key. Says Thomas: "Dress for the job you want, not the job you're being hired for. I know it sounds boring, but a suit is an absolute must. Think less trend, more modern classic that will cut across many seasons." Thomas, stylist and fashion instructor at The Art Institute of California in Los Angeles, a campus of Argosy University, can offer tips to have you dressing for the corner office. One of her top tips is finding a suit that is high quality and versatile. She can also speak to the following: dressing a variety of body types, shopping tips and tools, closet audits, dressing with a variety of disabilities, back-to-school shopping for children with seated body types who use wheelchairs, trend editing, style vs. trend, creating a shopping budget, and the financial and ecological benefits of sustainable fashion.
Media Contact: Mandy Wilson,

Benefits of Social Engagement Among Older Adults Using a Paro the Robotic Seal
Davis Park
Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing
"Our initial findings have been remarkable so far, as PARO has been able to positively and immediately transform many residents' behaviors and moods. We believe PARO works for a number of reasons: it ignites a very, very, basic social element in people. For those who are suffering from various levels of dementia, it really engages them. We also believe PARO works because it responds to them. When you speak to it or hold it, it makes cooing noises, moves its flippers, and turns its head toward the direction of a voice. So I think it works because there's a powerful social element to it – an interaction. One of the things we've observed  is that people become not just interactive with the device – but also with the people around them. When PARO is placed on their laps, they start to touch it, stroke it and talk to it like it was a real animal. Prior to this intervention, some residents were not terribly engaged with people around them, but  once they started  interacting with PARO, they start talking to the caregivers more as well as other people around them."
Park was appointed Director of the The Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, a Southern California-based nonprofit founded on the belief that technology innovation plays a vital role in enhancing wellbeing, in 2011. In this role, Park is responsible for the Center's efforts to identify, pilot and deploy emerging technologies that empower older adults to live well. Park is currently overseeing a pilot program involving PARO, an advanced interactive robot pet developed by AIST, a leading Japanese industrial automation pioneer. It allows the documented benefits of animal therapy to be administered to patients in environments such as hospitals and extended care facilities where live animals present treatment or logistical difficulties. The Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing is testing two PARO robots for a pilot project at the Sunny View Care Center and Memory Care Unit in Cupertino, Calif. The purpose of the pilot is to gauge resident reaction when interacting with the life-like robot. Initial findings suggest that engaging with the pet robot reduced pacing and anxiety and helped calm residents.
Media Contact: Chris Navalta,



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