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May 05, 2014, 13:30 ET from ProfNet

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  • How Donald Sterling's Remarks Affect the Clipper's Brand
  • Leading Strong Family Businesses Through Customer Service
  • Uniforms for Today's Diverse Business Landscape


  • Social Media Editor - The Wall Street Journal (NY)
  • Senior Writer - The Fiscal Times (DC)
  • Freelance Correspondent - Bloomberg BNA (CA)


  • Sassy Sentences and Wicked Good Prose: How to Craft Better Writing
  • Social Media Crash Course: Write Tweets People Read
  • Grammar Hammer: Champing at the Bit


How Donald Sterling's Remarks Affect the Clipper's Brand
Roshini Rajkumar
Communication Consultant
Roshini Performance Group
"Even though he's a sports figure, he still needs to understand he's part of a brand. And anything he does contributes or hurts not only that team, but the NBA brand overall. Even banning him won't help the stain this puts on the franchise and the league."
Rajkumar is available to discuss Clipper's owner Donald Sterling's recent racist remarks, how the Clippers communication and management can recover from it, and advice for sports management executives on avoiding this kind of situation in the first place. She consults with the Minnesota Vikings, the Wild and other sports management organizations. She has consulted with Fortune 500 business executives, personalities, and corporate teams, including the CEO of Bridgestone Americas and various executives at Medtronic. A former TV news journalist, she hosts a weekly show on CBS Radio Minneapolis and is a frequent guest expert on TV and radio programs providing analysis about effective communication, fixing business blunders, and politicians' or other high-profile people's communication styles. She is a licensed attorney (JD, University of Minnesota) and holds a BA in political science and international studies from Boston College. She is the author of Communicate That!: Your Toolbox for Powerful Presence and teaches leadership communications at the St. Catherine's University in St. Paul
Media Contact: Bonnie Harris,

Leading Strong Family Businesses Through Customer Service
Jim Wasserson
Clean Rental
"The biggest thing I can advise is listening to customers. Always listen to the needs of your customers and fulfill those needs. Build and nurture a relationship with your customers based on trust and performance."
Wasserson is available to discuss customer service skills to keep in mind when running a business. His wide-ranging experience in the uniform business taught him that no two customers are alike. Focus on the customer equates to his exponential success in the uniform business. He holds a bachelor's degree from Northeastern University. He is a member of The Uniform and Textile Service Association, Textile Care Allied Trades Association, Textile Rental Services Association of America, and Vistage International.
Media Contact: Marie Alonso,

Uniforms for Today's Diverse Business Landscape
Lisa Furey
Executive Sales Director
Clean Rental
"A uniform is not a uniform anymore. A uniform can be a blue shirt with blue pants, scrubs or a tuxedo. The landscape of professional attire is changing dramatically and businesses are turning to uniform design and functionality to express branding and marketing now more than ever before."
Furey brings more than 15 years of sales and new business development experience to the uniform industry in her role. She specializes in the development of customized uniform programs for Fortune 500 and large scale clients in industries including pharma, biotech, utilities, hospitals, HVAC, chemical, manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, food processing, and healthcare. She leverages her expertise in textiles, marketing strategy, team building, strategic planning and negotiation to create winning uniform solutions for clients.
Media Contact: Marie Alonso,


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