ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Utilizes National "We Card"® Training Program to Prevent Youth Access to E-Cigarettes

Jun 26, 2013, 19:06 ET from ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes

CHICAGO, June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes, the industry leading tobacco alternative, is pleased to announce they have implemented company training using the "We Card"® Training Program, a nationally recognized sales training and education program designed to help prevent underage access to tobacco products and other age-restricted products. With electronic cigarettes in the national spotlight in recent weeks, ProSmoke has already set an example for other companies, as well as Big Tobacco, to operate in this growing marketplace.

Since 1995, "We Card"® has provided retailers, community groups, trade associations, and government agencies with training and in-store materials to prevent the underage sale of regular tobacco products. ProSmoke's new training initiative using the We Card® training ensures their business and retail partners have the resources needed to prevent underage sales to minors of all their electronic cigarette products and accessories. The "We Card"® training and educational tools focus on helping retailers teach managers and clerks about asking for ID, how to spot fake IDs, techniques on how to avoid confrontations with customers, how to properly use age verification tools, and many more key tips on preventing the underage sale of tobacco and other age-restricted products in face-to-face transactions.

"Although our products are intended to be a cigarette alternative and do not contain tobacco, some do contain nicotine. We proudly have utilized We Card® training to ensure our electronic cigarette products aren't getting into the wrong hands," said a ProSmoke representative.

According to the "We Card"® Web Center, the program "has become one of the most widely accepted retail training and education programs to help retailers prevent underage tobacco sales. It has trained over 296,000 retail owners, managers and employees either online or in one of more than 2,100 classroom training sessions."

Although the FDA does not currently regulate the sale of e-cigarettes, as of now 11 states consider e-cigarettes to be an age-restricted product. This includes California, Idaho, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Additionally, the FDA has indicated the intent to regulate electronic cigarettes in the future.

"We already prohibit online electronic cigarette sales to customers under the age of 18 using age verification and we fully support national initiatives and legislation regulating the sale of e-cigarettes to minors," said the ProSmoke representative. "We look forward to using 'We Card'® Training to prevent underage access to our e-cigarette products at retail."

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ProSmoke Inc. utilizes the We Card® training program for its company employees and is in no way associated with the business operations of The We Card® Program, Inc.

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