ProTek Capital, Inc. acquires Combat Energy Products LLC.

Company completed the final details to Acquire Combat Energy Products LLC.

Mar 04, 2013, 07:37 ET from ProTek Capital, Inc.

DALLAS, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ProTek Capital, Inc. (OTCPK: PRPM), is pleased to announce the acquisition of Combat Energy Products LLC. (

Combat Energy Products LLC., has launched its first of many sports related energy drinks and supplements: 'Rod-N-Reel Energy', healthy energy shots. ( The new 2oz shots are designed to provide a 5 to 7 hour energy boost, while providing a full complement of antitoxins and vitamins. The marketing campaign involves a top rated TV show, Fishing University, and a spokes person celebrity Charlie Ingram, 4 times Bassmaster National Champion.

Rod 'n' Reel Healthy Energy Shot was developed as an answer to battle Anglers' fatigue.  The energy shot is a Functional Shot designed for Anglers' energy & endurance giving the Angler an increased awareness and rigging performance.  As an added benefit, it also stimulates the metabolism and keeps you going all day long without the crash or energy burn-out. With the added Super Foods and natural sources of Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Acids in a Whole Food Form. It is the first Healthy Energy Shot for sustained energy through your day with no spike, *no sugar crash, and no chemical bomb.

"I'm excited about the new acquisition and the potential new business that it will bring to ProTek Capital, Inc. We feel that ProTek Capital will benefit from my clients and other celebrities who will be endorsing and using Combat Energy products. Most of my clients lead very demanding and active life styles, and these all-natural energy products will only enhance their performance and overall good feelings on a daily basis. We want to design and produce energy products to fit the specific demanding performance and lifestyles of my clients and their athletic challenges, highly demanding and daily needs." Stated Barry Mezey, CEO of Superstar Management Group, Inc. 

"We are accumulating companies that have synergies and can be vertically integrated between their product offerings and services. ProTek is poised to create Technology Driven Services and product offerings that will enable us to create a very unique hybrid of a company. We will also utilize the products and services of our current subsidiaries' and sister companies to provide services for the new acquisitions and their talent roster. This new addition to our ever growing family of products and product offerings is a good example of how we can assemble synergies and companies that may not seem like they belong together, and yet, in a right circumstance, can create a tremendous opportunities and shareholders' value for everyone. This acquisition was designed with a current cap structure and PPS of ProTek Capital, Inc. We, as investors will acquire the company with debt assumption and a payout schedule that is based on product sales and delivery. This will allow the company increase its present value without spending common or preferred shares. Therefore making this a self funding deal." Stated Edward Vakser, CEO of ProTek Capital, Inc.

About ProTek Capital, Inc.: ProTek Capital, Inc.,, is organized and focused on funding and acquisitions of software and mixed media companies. Specifically, focused in the social media and entertainment industries. ProTek Capital is restructuring its current board and management in order to accommodate running a software and intellectual properties public company. Our new staff represents a group of managers, agents, designers, marketing professionals and software developers. Each new acquisition is also targeted to service and support several public companies with needs and issues that will be easily resolved by multiple "in-house" services and product offerings. Our current subsidiary is a perfect example of cross platform synergy between all the acquisitions and sister companies. Acutesys will offer its product and services to all of ProTek's clients and acquisitions.

About Combat Energy Products LLC.: Combat energy has produced a group of products and functional beverages that are based on a patented formula that enables to stimulate energy and a feeling of well being to the consumers who are involved in a stressful and physically demanding lifestyle. Combat Energy is focused to develop and customize each new version of the formula for specific sports and activities to overcome stress, fatigue and create an additional boost to the current active lifestyles. The concept and marketing development for the products are custom designed and focused to high end athletes and celebrities who will co brand the products and assist in marketing and promotion of the products in every genre of media and distribution. The company specializes in making each product design and brand specific to each celebrity and their specific needs. The current product is being promoted on a Top Rated TV show "Fishing University", and can be seen on the by over 40 million subscribers on the "Outdoor Channel". For more information, visit, and

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