Pubsoft Breaks into Non-Profit Sector with Vidahlia Press & Publishing House Deal

Company Provides Software to Enable Creation and Distribution of Prison Writing Contest Anthology

Feb 25, 2014, 09:02 ET from Pubsoft

HOUSTON, Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pubsoft, makers of a game-changing digital publishing engine that is redefining the relationships between publishers, authors and readers, today announced a collaboration agreement with Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc., to implement the Pubsoft direct ebook sales system on the Vidahlia website. The deal enhanced the INK Prison Writing Contest with cutting-edge marketing and management tools.

As a new player in the publishing industry, Vidahlia is particularly receptive to the use of emerging technology, making digital solutions a core part of its business plan. The implementation of Pubsoft software supported Vidahlia's efforts to promote its INK Prison Writing Contest. With Pubsoft, Vidahlia now has a platform that enables sophisticated publishing management, providing direct presales solutions, sponsorship payment acceptance and robust marketing tools.  

"We're glad to assist Vidahlia with their INK Prison Writing Contest by providing software that helped them achieve their operational and social goals," said Pubsoft Marketing Director Heather Wied. "Their mission of identifying and rewarding talent within the corrections system is admirable. The Pubsoft system will serve as a delivery mechanism for the anthology that will be one of the final results of the writing contest, and we're excited about helping Vidahlia provide a voice for individuals who are often overlooked by society."

Vidahlia Press & Publishing House is a publisher with a soul and a commitment to provide opportunities to artists and maximize intellectual property across a broad spectrum of media, Vidahlia is a one-stop-shop for undiscovered talent to publish their work. 

"We want Vidahlia Press & Publishing House to be the voice of prison literary talent worldwide, and collaborating with Pubsoft is a terrific way to reach our readership to share these incredible stories," said Roy J. Rodney Jr., President, founder, and principal investor. "We plan to continue reader engagement through various events and contests, and through a collection of electronic products, multi-media products, music, video game treatments, magazines, catalogs, gifts, and collectibles."

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Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc. is an independent publisher committed to giving a voice to artists from all walks of life and to nurturing talent from unexpected places worldwide.  An open-minded publisher with a soul, Vidahlia is interested in taking individual stories and ideas and presenting them in beautiful and creative ways to a global audience via a wide variety of media.

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