Radioactive Waste Management: Global Markets

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LONDON, Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Use this report to:
- Receive information on treatment technologies including physical, chemical, thermal, and containment and storage among others.
- Analyze the technologies used for radioactive waste treatment.
- Examine trade and investment in radioactive waste services markets, including barriers affecting such trade and investment.
- Receive information about the market and economic opportunities for current industry participants and new entrants.

- The global market for radioactive waste management technologies and services was worth $18.2 billion in 2014 and should reach nearly $18.8 billion by 2015. This market should continue rising up to nearly $21.3 billion by 2020 at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5%.
- Transportation and disposal technologies dominates the market. This segment should total nearly $3.2 billion in 2015 and $3.7 billion by 2020, with a CAGR of 2.9%.
- Physical treatment technologies should reach nearly $3.0 billion in 2015 and $3.5 billion by 2020, demonstrating a CAGR of 2.9%.

Introduction & Scope

BCC Research is a leading information resource producing high-quality market research reports, newsletters, and conferences. BCC Research's information products explore major market, economic, scientific, and technological developments for business leaders in industrial and high technology organizations. The environmental services sector, including radioactive waste services and equipment industry, is the focus of
increasing international economic attention. Industry analysis and market forecasts for radioactive waste management technologies and services are at the forefront of the company's expertise. In view of these facts, BCC Research decided that there is a need to present a new report on Radioactive Waste Management Markets and present interesting findings and conclusions. For more than 35 years, BCC Research's market
analysis has provided businesses with the insight needed to make intelligent and strategic business decisions. BCC Research is a unit of Eli Research LLC, which is based in Durham, N.C.

The report is intended to:
- Provide an industry overview of the radioactive waste technologies and services that are used for the collection, transportation, treatment, disposal and decommissioning services of radioactive wastes produced globally.
- Provide an overview of types, sources and quantities of radioactive wastes produced globally and in regional segmentation as well as to estimate future quantities produced.
- Determine the current size and future growth of global and regional markets for radioactive waste management including regional segmentation in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Pacific.
- Provide a technology overview of applied technologies on radioactive waste management and analyze the state of the art technologies as well as the future trends of the sector.
- Analyze global competition among the most important companies of the field within each of the technology segments.
- Profile all important companies of the field globally and in regional segmentation.
- Identify the users of the radioactive waste management technologies and services markets.

Radioactive (or nuclear) waste is a byproduct from nuclear reactors, fuel processing plants, hospitals and research facilities. Radioactive waste is also generated while decommissioning and dismantling nuclear reactors and other nuclear facilities. Radioactive waste management is the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of wastes that when improperly handled can cause substantial harm to human health and to the environment. Unlike other industrial wastes, the level of hazard of all nuclear waste, its radioactivity, diminishes with time. Each radionuclide contained in the waste has a half-life: the time taken for half of its atoms to decay and thus for it to lose half of its radioactivity. Radioactive wastes can be in solid, liquid or aerial phase and are generally produced from nuclear power production, from medicine, research, industry, and agriculture activities.

The environmental services sector for radioactive waste management has increasing international attention. Mainly due to recent physical disasters (Fukushima accident in Japan), the sector is getting special emphasis as environmental issues become increasingly tied to international trade and investment. Important changes are taking place that are forced sometimes by economic or social external forces that affect the radioactive waste management industry. Such external forces are regulations and legislation frameworks, source reduction and pollution prevention programs and initiatives, economic constraints due to recession or competition, physical disasters and new developments in treatment technology and disposal. This report provides an overview of U.S., European, Asian and Pacific markets for radioactive waste treatment and management services; it examines trade and investment in radioactive waste services markets, including barriers affecting such trade and investment.

This new BCC Research study provides an in-depth analysis of the types and sources of radioactive waste produced worldwide. Also the study analyses the technologies, applications, economics, current markets and future trends of radioactive waste management. Special attention is paid to key players of the market and their influence on future economic perspectives. Forecasts are provided for each major market segment through 2020. In-depth analysis is provided for each major regional market segment and detailed information describes the major players and markets for each treatment technology. Forecasts are provided for each major market segment through 2020. Through this report BCC Research hopes to provide a better understanding of the global industry specializing in radioactive waste management technologies, radioactive waste management market globally and for regional segmentation. The report also describes the major and most common technologies used for radioactive waste treatment for each region, new developments and technologies trends as well recent patents, advantages and major limitations for each type of technology. The study concludes with the profiles of major market players of each regional segment of the industry.

Intended users of the study include:
- Companies, institutions and legal bodies that may be interested and take advantage of the study outcomes.
- Companies involved in developing, manufacturing, and supplying equipment and technology for radioactive waste treatment.
- Companies involved in rendering services in radioactive waste management.
- Government agencies involved in radioactive waste management, treatment disposal and reuse.
- Local authority agencies involved in radioactive waste management.
- Companies involved in the nuclear market.
- Venture capital companies and financial institutions interested in new and attractive investments.

The Radioactive Waste Management Technologies and Service Global Market study has been undertaken with a global perspective in terms of technologies and their applications. Market projections have been conducted for four regional segments and for the global market. European regional analysis includes all European countries (Western and Eastern Europe except the Russian Federation). Asian regional analysis
include all Asian countries with an emphasis on the Russian Federation, Japan, People's Republic of China (China), India, South Korea and Republic of China (Taiwan). Pacific market analysis includes Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. All market table values are in 2015 U.S. dollars. The report provides business planers, investors and managers with an improved understanding of the trends and impact of treatment technologies in radioactive waste management and also presents how the markets will be affected by new technology opportunities as well social and economic factors.

The report contains:
- An in-depth analysis of the technologies used for radioactive waste treatment.
- An overview of the quantities of hazardous waste produced per regional segment, type and source.
- Current and potential applications and technologies for radioactive waste management.
- Current and future market projections for radioactive waste technologies in each regional market.
- Profiles of current industry players per regional segment including services suppliers and contractors.
- A review of market and economic opportunities for current industry participants and new entrants.
BCC Research feels that the qualitative and quantitative judgments embodied in this report are a valuable contribution to the current knowledge of radioactive waste
management technologies and treatment applications.

Both primary and secondary research methodologies were used in preparing this report. Information for the report was collected through extensive market, industry and governmental contacts with people active in the research, development, production and management of radioactive waste, from government and academic sources and by reference to technical literature. Several industry experts were also interviewed for this
study. In addition, most of the radioactive waste management service providers and end users were contacted to evaluate current and future technology demands for new market trends. An extensive list of more than 70 market and industry contacts assisted BCC Research in identifying and updating technologies and applications. In addition to industry and market contacts, BCC Research conducted extensive Web searches to gather and analyze all pertinent information related to this study. Major technical and trade publications and conference proceedings in radioactive waste transportation, treatment and disposal were also used for this study.
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