Raritan's Power IQ Data Center Energy Management Software Goes Global; Tracks and Manages Carbon Trading in Japan

Mar 16, 2009, 11:35 ET from Raritan

TOKYO and SOMERSET, N.J., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Raritan today announced that its power management solutions for helping data centers gain better insight on energy usage and costs and in identifying areas for improvement, will be available in other languages and support more currencies. The new release of Raritan's multi-language analytics software, Power IQ(TM) Energy Management Software, will support efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and data center energy consumption in more countries.

Power IQ's ability to track improvements on energy savings, carbon dioxide emission reductions and other green factors helps companies meet government cap-and-trade mandates and corporate green objectives. Power IQ, for example, is being sold in Japan and other countries to support carbon trading.

"Increasing demand for energy is becoming a big issue," said Koji Hamano, Manager - Network Solutions Group at TID Limited -- a Raritan authorized partner in Japan. "The challenge for the data center is to use energy more efficiently. Various reporting functions of Raritan's Power IQ solution, such as tracking and reporting carbon footprint information, and the changes over time, are crucial for managing energy usage in data centers. The combination of Raritan's Power IQ and Dominion PX intelligent power distribution units is the ideal solution for taking steps towards Green IT."

Raritan's Power IQ tracks and generates energy usage reports based on all types of granular power information gathered at the IT device level to help IT and Operations managers analyze power-related issues -- ranging from IT energy costs to carbon emissions generated by IT devices to rack capacity. Power IQ collects device-level power consumption information from servers and other IT devices plugged into intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), including Raritan's Dominion(R) PX and a wide range of third-party rack PDUs. The software also tracks data center temperature and humidity information collected by Raritan's environmental sensors.

According to Macnica Networks Corp.'s Daisuke Kaneko, there is a real need for tracking energy usage over time. "In accelerating Green IT initiatives in Japan, companies not only need to measure power consumption, but they need visibility of power-usage statistical data over a certain period," said Mr. Kaneko, Macnica's Director - Business Promotion Dept. in Japan. "We see Power IQ as the IT manager's 'must have' tool in order to have a full grasp of their data center's carbon footprint and power bill."

Power IQ & Carbon Trading

Many countries are embarking on carbon trading. Japan, for example -- as a result of the Kyoto Protocol agreement for reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming -- is practicing carbon trading. In the United States, companies are trading "voluntary" allowances on the Chicago Climate Exchange. And, last month, U.S. President Barack Obama stated his support for a "market-based cap on carbon pollution" in his first address to Congress.

Carbon trading programs enable companies to buy credits to cover their carbon generation, while more energy-efficient companies have an opportunity to sell carbon credits. In both cases there is a need to track the amount of carbon generated and to document changes.

Power IQ can issue carbon usage and change reports for independent certification and the issuance of carbon credits. The analytics software collects device-level power data and calculates carbon produced to generate the energy consumed by the IT devices. It can generate reports at any level -- including by data center, customer, department and rack.

"The need for understanding energy consumption at the individual equipment level is key for executing any energy and/or greenhouse gas emissions reduction program in a data center," said James Cerwinski, Senior Product Manager at Raritan. "Detailed power information turned into useful insight is how Power IQ can help customers solve today's energy-related data center issues. Our goal is to help customers reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint by providing them with a systematic, auditable approach."

Another unique capability of Power IQ is PDU management. It simplifies managing distributed Dominion PX PDUs by enabling bulk firmware updates, configuration management and health monitoring through a single Web interface.


Available now, Power IQ 1.3.1 generates energy, carbon and cost reports. Cost reports are displayed in all major currencies including -- Dollar, Pound, Yen, Euro, Yuan and Israeli Shekel.

The software is available in two models -- a virtual appliance and a hardware appliance. The virtual appliance is tested to run on a customer's VMware(R) platform -- saving rack space, energy and hardware costs. The hardware appliance is a turnkey solution on an enterprise-class server. Visit www.raritan.com/poweriq for more information on Power IQ.

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