Recession Survival: Green Living on a Shoestring Budget

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:::Inexpensive Green Gadgets Notably Reduce Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint:::

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Amid the current economic recession and flourishing energy conservation movement, people are looking to cut costs and conserve electricity however they can.

"While clipping coupons and bargain hunting can help, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to save is through technology," notes Paul Holstein, COO of - an online storefront offering a wide selection of smart energy management solutions. "Many 'green gadgets' are very inexpensive, and can help you easily manage and reduce electricity consumption - and the utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions related thereto."

Below are a few representative devices offers to help consumers to go green, without having to spend a lot of green:

Intermatic Electronic Seven-Day Timer

Between busy work and school schedules and extracurricular activities, no two days are ever the same - so why should your timer settings be? This timer can be used either indoors or outdoors, and has several programming options. This timer can also enhance your home's security. With just the touch of a button, you can set the timer to Random mode, which varies lighting patterns to give your home a more believable "lived in" look. ($31.41)

Leviton Decora(R) Occupancy Sensor Switch

This affordable sensor switch cuts down on the amount of wasted power by automatically switching off the lights when it no longer detects movement in the room.

In addition to giving you the option to manually switch on and off at any time, this motion-sensor also lets you control your own savings by allowing you to choose how long the lights will stay on for.

SmartStrip Power Saving Surge Protectors

Known as "vampire electronics" because of they way they suck power even when they're not in use, many peripheral devices in your home and office are bleeding your budget dry as well.

When the SmartStrip detects that a main device, such as a plasma screen or computer, has been turned off, it automatically cuts power to that device's peripherals. As a result, the average home can save as much as 260 watts of electricity per hour, or trim 113 Kilowatts per month from its utility bill. ($30.44)

Kill A Watt(TM) Electricity Power Meters

The Kill A Watt ($29.95) electricity power monitor is a simple and economical tool designed to assess the efficiency of electronics. Just plug any 115 Volt AC electric appliance into the device, and the large LCD display shows the power consumption, revealing which electric appliances are consuming too much electricity.

You can also protect your valuable electronic equipment and appliances with the Kill A Watt PS ($81.72) - an innovative power strip bundled with an electronic measuring device that protects valuable electronics from power surges and spikes.

Leviton Vizia(TM) Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer

Designed for use with 120V incandescent and halogen light fixtures, these dimmers can subtly tone down the intensity of lights, resulting in lower energy consumption. Vizia's digital circuitry also gives you the flexibility to manually dim and brighten the lights, or set them in an energy-saving mode that controls their maximum brightness and power consumption. ($91.64)

Consumers may order a wide selection of smart energy management products online at or via toll-free telephone at 1-866-222-0030.

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