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Thailand Telecom Investment Environment Report, 2009

In recent years, to boost the development of telecommunications industry as well as national economy, the Thailand Government has carried out a series of reforms in its telecom market system. By pushing the reform of telecom operators, privatization in this regard has been achieved in a successive way. Meanwhile, reforms in market access system make it available for more small- and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the market competition. According to the Basic Telecommunication Agreement of WTO reached in 1997, Thailand would gradually open the telecommunications market including basic telecom business and value-added services, in which the access of foreign capital is welcomed.

Along with the government's beefed-up efforts to open telecommunication market, the huge potential and rapid development of Thailand telecommunications industry is also quite a magnet to foreign investors. A case in point is mobile phone market: the penetration rate of mobile phone was only 13% in Thailand in 2001; however, by the end of 2007, it jumped up to 80% and remained the growth momentum. The development of mobile phone industry results from the introduction of competition mechanism as well as lower mobile phone charges and the cancellation of other restrictions. In 2008, Thailand cell phone market continued rapid expansion, with mobile phone subscribers 57.3 million and cell phone penetration rate at 87.4%.

The report is based on the authoritative statistics by Thailand National Statistical Office and National Telecommunication Commission of Thailand (NTC). The report provides substantive and rich data focusing on macro-environment such as national politics, economy and law of Thailand, Thai regulatory policies on telecommunications market access and competition environment. Also, in-depth analysis and research has been conducted based on the data, in a bid to discuss the opportunities and risks for foreign enterprise to enter into Thailand telecommunications market.

Table of Contents

1. Profile of Thailand

1.1 Basic Information

1.2 Regionalism

1.3 Foreign Relations

2. Economic Development of Thailand

2.1 GDP and its Growth

2.2 Regional Economy

2.3 Key Resources

2.4 Development of Industrial Structure and Mainstay Industry

2.5 Grave Economic Policy and Key Investment Sectors

2.6 Foreign Trade

2.7 Overview of Industrial Districts

3. Foreign Investing Environment and Regulation

3.1 Foreign Capital Access and Favorable Policies

3.2 Laws and Regulations on Thai Taxation, Accounting and Auditing

3.3 Procedures to Establish National and Foreign-invested Enterprises

3.4 Labor Market and Relevant laws & Regulations

3.5 Relevant Issues of Foreign Capital Inflow

3.6 Investment Environment of Thailand Telecom Industry

3.6.1 Policies

3.6.2 Laws and Regulations

3.6.3 Supervision

4. Telecom Market Environment

4.2 Fixed-phone Market Environment

4.3 Mobile Telecommunications Market Environment

4.4 Broadband and Internet Market Environment

4.5 Thailand Fundamental Telecom Networks and International Network

5. Key Operators

5.1 TOT

5.2 AIS

5.3 DTAC

5.4 True Corp

5.5 Hutchison CAT

6. Strategies and Suggestions for Thailand Telecommunications Market Access

Selected Charts

Evolution of Political Unrest in Thailand

Thailand GDP, 2004-2008

Major Mineral Output of Thailand in Recent Years

Share of Thailand Leading Industries in Its GPD in 2008

GDP of Thai Agriculture, 2001-2008

GDP of Thai Manufacturing, 2001-2008

Proportion for the Number of Enterprises in Segments of Thai Manufacturing in 2007

Home-made Automobile Output of Thailand, 1997-1H2006

Export of Automobiles and Auto Parts of Thailand, 1997-1H2006

Tourism Revenue of Thailand and the Ratio in Its GDP, 1999-2007

The Number of Tourists and Its Growth Trend, 1999-2007

Import and Export Volume of Thailand, 2001-1Q 2009

TOP20 Trade Partners of Thailand in 2007

Export Destinations of Thailand in 2007

Import Origins of Thailand in 2007

Imported Goods Constitution of Thailand in 2007

Exported Goods Constitution of Thailand in 2007

TOP15 Imported Goods of Thailand in 2007

TOP15 Exported Goods of Thailand in 2007

Payment of Individual Income Tax in Proportion According to the Real Situation

Procedures of Applying for Investment and Promoting Favorable Rights and Interests

National Labor Force Market of Thailand, 2004-1H2009

Labor Force Occupation Census of Thailand, 2006-1H2009

Education Level of Unemployment Population in Thailand, 2004-1H2009

Average Salary of Thailand Leading Industries, 2006-1H2009

NTC Organization Structure

The Number of Fixed-phone Subscribers of Thailand in 2008

Fixed-phone Line Numbers of Thailand, 2001-2008

Changes in Thailand Fixed-line Penetration Rate, 1995-2008

Market Share of Major Fixed-phone Operators in Thailand in 2007

Mobile Service Data Statistics of Thailand in 2008

Mobile Phone Subscribers and its Growth Rate of Thailand, 2004-2008

Mobile Phone Penetration Rate of Thailand, 2005-2008

Market Share (by Revenue ) of Mobile Phone Operators in Thailand in 2008

Mobile Operators and Network Modes of Thailand in 2007

Proportion of Mobile Phones Subscribers by Region, Thailand

Proportion of Mobile Phone Subscribers by Network, Thailand

Market Share of Subscribers of Mobile Phone Operators in Thailand in 2008

Broadband Service Data Statistics of Thailand in 2008

Internet Service Data Statistics of Thailand in 2008

Number of Broadband and Narrowband Subscribers, 2004-2008

Internet Penetration Rate of Thailand, 2005-2008

Thailand Internet Market Shares, 2005-2007

Comparison of Internet Subscriber Growth and Broadband Change of Thailand, 1991-2007

TOT Organization Structure

TOT Fixed-phone Subscribers, 2005-2007

TOT Mobile-phone Subscribers, 2005-2007

TOT Broadband Subscribers, 2005-2007

TOT Investment and Share Holding

AIS Equity Structure

AIS TOP10 Shareholders

AIS Network Coverage Areas in 2008

The Number of AIS Mobile Phone Subscribers, 2007-2008

The Churn Rate of AIS Subscribers, 2004-2008

AIS ARPU Value, 2007-2008

AIS MOU Value, 2007-2008

AIS Operating Revenue, 2006-2008

AIS Prime Operating Revenue, 2006-2008

DTAC Equity Structure

DATC Network Coverage Areas

DTAC TOP10 Shareholders

DTAC Subscribers and Penetration Rate of Mobile Phone Subscribers of Thailand, 2004-2008

DTAC Subscribers and Revenue Share, 2004-2008

DTAC ARPU Value, 2004-2008

DTAC Financial Data, 2004-2008

TRUE TOP10 Stockholders and Shareholding Ratio

TRUE Organization Structure

The Number of TRUE Mobile Phone Subscribers, 2004-2008

ARPU Value Statistics of TRUE Mobile Service, 2004-2008

TRUE Fixed-phone Subscribers, 2002-2008

TRUE Revenue of Fixed-phone Service and ARPU Value, 2004-2008

TRUE Broadband Subscribers, 2004-2008

TRUE Revenue of Broadband Service and ARPU Value, 2004-2008

TRUE Prime Operating Revenue, 2006-2008

Development Course of Hutchison CAT

Operating Revenue of Hutchison CAT, 2007-2008

Thailand Subsidiary of Hutchison CAT

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