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World Buses Market

Global demand to expand 4.3% annually through 2014

Demand for buses worldwide will expand 4.3 percent annually to 423,300 units in 2014, reflecting rebounding demand in North America following the 2009 recession as well as sustained sales in many other markets. Beyond the US and Japan, both of which experienced significant declines in demand in 2009, the global economic crisis has not had as negative an impact in many markets. In fact, stalwart economies like those in China and India are forecast to exhibit continued -- albeit somewhat less vigorous -- expansions without noticeable recession-caused drops in demand. The new sense of frugality taking hold among consumers in many Western markets, coupled with volatile fuel prices, has made bus travel a cost-effective option for more people because it represents one of the most fuel-efficient methods for transporting passengers.

Public spending, urban congestion, pollution concerns to boost demand

Demand for buses tends to be cyclical and depends on region-specific trends, such as demographics, income levels, relative spending on mass transit systems, and per-capita passenger vehicle density. In North America, efforts by the US government to stimulate the economy are already translating into a rebound in bus purchases from 2009 levels. Canada is likewise focusing billions of dollars on transit infrastructure, with up to 25 percent of this spending historically focused on buses. Other forces expected to support bus demand include increasing congestion levels in major metropolitan centers worldwide and the establishment of dedicated and sometimes guided "busways" in key cities across Central and South America, Australia, France and the UK. Likewise, the general economic expansions taking place in key emerging markets (despite the developed market economic downturn) require workers to travel further -- usually by bus -- to reach jobs. Bus travel is becoming more of a necessity for urban travelers worldwide as governments enforce limits on the use of personal vehicles (both cars and motorcycles) to reduce pollution and congestion levels. The arrival of new powertrain technologies will also induce administrators to update their fleets, as high fuel prices make hybrid and alternative fuel buses much more cost effective.

North America unique among developed markets

The bus market in North America is unique in several ways, notably for its use of specially designed school buses. The US also lacks the dynamic passenger train, tram and subway systems so common in Europe and Japan, making bus travel the primary mass transit option in most US cities. New and somewhat unexpected public spending, a result of stimulus funding, could pose competition for bus sales. However, such spending could also stimulate transit bus sales in multi-mode passenger transportation systems. Western Europe and Japan will experience slower growth in bus demand compared to the US due to stagnant, aging populations and the prevalence of other mass transit options such as light rail. China remains both the largest market for and producer of buses, and will be the fastest growing bus market going forward. The country could become a regional hub for bus production, although most of its bus output so far has been focused on satisfying local demand. Beyond the developed markets of Europe and Japan, other key bus markets include those in Central and South America.

Study coverage

This new industry study, World Buses presents historical demand data through 2009 plus forecasts for 2014 and 2019 by type, region and for 19 countries. The study also considers key market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 37 industry competitors.





General 4

World Economic Overview 5

Recent Historical Trends 6

World Economic Outlook 8

Personal Income & Expenditure Trends 11

World Population Overview 13

World Light Vehicle Overview 15

Light Vehicle Production 16

Light Vehicle Sales 20

Environmental & Regulatory Factors 22

Pricing Trends 26


Global Bus Demand 28

Bus Demand by Region 29

Bus Demand Dynamics 33

Bus Demand by Product Type 35

Transit Buses 37

Motor Coaches 39

Other Buses 41

Bus Production by Region 42

Bus Park by Region 46

Bus Demand by Fuel Type 48

Busways & Bus Rapid Transit Systems 52

Bus Foreign Trade 54


General 56

Bus Demand by Type 59

United States 62

Canada 68

Mexico 73


General 78

Bus Demand by Type 80

France 83

Germany 88

United Kingdom 93

Italy 98

Spain 103

Sweden 108

Belgium 113

Other Western Europe 117


General 122

Bus Demand by Type 125

China 127

India 134

Indonesia 139

Japan 143

South Korea 148

Australia 153

Taiwan 158

Other Asia/Pacific 162


Central & South America 166

Macroeconomic & Bus Industry Overview 166

Bus Demand by Type 168

Brazil 171

Other Central & South America 175

Eastern Europe 179

Macroeconomic & Bus Industry Overview 179

Bus Demand by Type 181

Russia 183

Other Eastern Europe 188

Africa/Mideast 192

Macroeconomic & Bus Industry Overview 192

Bus Demand by Type 195


General 197

Industry Composition & Market Share 200

Research & Product Development 203

Manufacturing 205

Marketing 208

Distribution 209

Financial Issues & Requirements 210

Mergers, Acquisitions & Industry Restructuring 212

Cooperative Agreements 213

Company Profiles 220

Advanced Public Transport Systems, see VDL Groep

Alexander Dennis Limited 221

Ashok Leyland Limited 223

Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated 225

Blue Bird Corporation 227

Champion Bus, see Thor Industries

Collins Industries Incorporated 229

Consorcio G Grupo Dina SA de CV 231

Daewoo Bus Corporation 232

Daimler AG 234

Dandong Huanghai Automobile, see Liaoning Shuguang

Automotive Group

Detroit Diesel, see Daimler

ElDorado National California, see Thor Industries

EvoBus, see Daimler

Fiat SpA 240

General Motors Company 242

Gillig LLC 243

Goshen Coach, see Thor Industries

Haci Omer Sabanci Holding AS 244

Hino Motors, see Toyota Motor

Hyundai Motor Company 246

IC Bus, see Navistar International

Irisbus Group, see Fiat

Irizar S Cooperativa, see Mondragon Corporacion


Liaoning Shuguang Automotive Group Company Limited 248

Mahindra Navistar Engines Private, see Navistar


MAN SE 249

Marcopolo SA 252

Minsky Avtomobilny Zavod 254

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus, see Daimler

Mondragon Corporacion Cooperativa 255

Motor Coach Industries Incorporated 257

Navistar International Corporation 258


New Flyer Industries Incorporated 261

Nissan Diesel Motor, see Volvo

North American Bus Industries Incorporated 263

Nova Bus, see Volvo

Polomex, see Daimler and Marcopolo

Prevost Car, see Volvo

Scania, see Volkswagen

Solaris Bus & Coach SA 264

Superpolo, see Marcopolo

Tata Marcopolo Motors, see Marcopolo and Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited 266

Temsa Sanayi ve Ticaret, see Haci Omer Sabanci Holding

Thomas Built Buses, see Daimler

Thor Industries Incorporated 267

Toyota Motor Corporation 269

UD Trucks, see Volvo

Van Hool NV 272

VDL Groep BV 273

VE Commercial Vehicles, see Volvo

Volgren Australia Pty Limited 276

Volkswagen AG 277

Volvo AB 280

Wright Group Limited 284

Xiamen King Long Motor Company Limited 285

Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Company Limited 287

ZF Friedrichshafen AG 288

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company Limited 290

Zhongtong Bus Holding Company Limited 291

Other Companies Mentioned in Study 292



Summary Table 3


1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region 11

2 World GDP per Capita 13

3 World Population by Region 15

4 World Light Vehicle Production by Region 20

5 World Light Vehicle Sales by Region 22


1 World Bus Demand by Region 33

2 World Bus Demand by Product Type 37

3 World Transit Bus Demand by Region 39

4 World Motor Coach Demand by Region 41

5 World Other Bus Demand by Region 42

6 World Bus Production by Region 46

7 World Bus Park by Region 48

8 World Bus Demand by Fuel Type 51

9 World Bus Foreign Trade 55


1 North America Bus Supply, Demand & Park 58

2 North America Bus Demand by Type 62

3 United States Bus Supply, Demand & Park 65

4 United States Bus Demand by Type 68

5 Canada Bus Supply, Demand & Park 70

6 Canada Bus Demand by Type 73

7 Mexico Bus Supply, Demand & Park 75

8 Mexico Bus Demand by Type 77


1 Western Europe Bus Supply, Demand & Park 80

2 Western Europe Bus Demand by Type 83

3 France Bus Supply, Demand & Park 85

4 France Bus Demand by Type 87

5 Germany Bus Supply, Demand & Park 90

6 Germany Bus Demand by Type 93

7 United Kingdom Bus Supply, Demand & Park 95

8 United Kingdom Bus Demand by Type 98

9 Italy Bus Supply, Demand & Park 100

10 Italy Bus Demand by Type 103

11 Spain Bus Supply, Demand & Park 105

12 Spain Bus Demand by Type 108

13 Sweden Bus Supply, Demand & Park 110

14 Sweden Bus Demand by Type 113

15 Belgium Bus Supply, Demand & Park 115

16 Belgium Bus Demand by Type 117

17 Other Western Europe Bus Supply, Demand & Park 119

18 Other Western Europe Bus Demand by Type 121


1 Asia/Pacific Bus Supply, Demand & Park 124

2 Asia/Pacific Bus Demand by Type 127

3 China Bus Supply, Demand & Park 130

4 China Bus Demand by Type 134

5 India Bus Supply, Demand & Park 136

6 India Bus Demand by Type 138

7 Indonesia Bus Supply, Demand & Park 141

8 Indonesia Bus Demand by Type 143

9 Japan Bus Supply, Demand & Park 145

10 Japan Bus Demand by Type 148

11 South Korea Bus Supply, Demand & Park 150

12 South Korea Bus Demand by Type 153

13 Australia Bus Supply, Demand & Park 155

14 Australia Bus Demand by Type 157

15 Taiwan Bus Supply, Demand & Park 160

16 Taiwan Bus Demand by Type 161

17 Other Asia/Pacific Bus Supply, Demand & Park 164

18 Other Asia/Pacific Bus Demand by Type 165


1 Central & South America Bus Supply, Demand & Park 168

2 Central & South America Bus Demand by Type 170

3 Brazil Bus Supply, Demand & Park 172

4 Brazil Bus Demand by Type 175

5 Other Central & South America Bus Supply, Demand & Park 177

6 Other Central & South America Bus Demand by Type 179

7 Eastern Europe Bus Supply, Demand & Park 181

8 Eastern Europe Bus Demand by Type 183

9 Russia Bus Supply, Demand & Park 185

10 Russia Bus Demand by Type 187

11 Other Eastern Europe Bus Supply, Demand & Park 190

12 Other Eastern Europe Bus Demand by Type 192

13 Africa/Mideast Bus Supply, Demand & Park 194

14 Africa/Mideast Bus Demand by Type 196


1 World Bus Sales by Company, 2009 199

2 Selected Cooperative Agreements 215



1 Population Correlation to Bus Demand, 2009 35


1 World OEM Bus Market Share by Company, 2009

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