RIKINI? RIKINI! RELLECIGA is Going to Rock You in 2014!

Aug 23, 2013, 08:30 ET from RELLECIGA from ,GiftForSexy.com

HOUSTON, Aug. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Many people should have known that RELLECIGA had displayed its advertisement in Times Square, New York City, United States. However, the most observant ones may have noticed that there is a weird word "RIKINI" on the ad with a big question mark after it. "RIKNI is more than BIKINI," it claimed on the ad. What is so special about the brand new RIKINI and why did RELLECIGA spend such a long time preparing for it?

People who have a quick hand may have Googled RELLECIGA and RIKINI right after they saw the ad. RELLECIGA is the creator of the Rikini, which is a new category of bikini industry, pioneering the trend of wearing Bikini in multiple ways. No matter what your style is - sexy, fashionable, wild, mild or fresh, just one set of Rikini can meet all your needs. Just like the words that appeared in the advertisement, RELLECIGA Rikini is - 3 collocations, 6 ways to wear, all in 1 style!

RELLECIGA targets at all the young, sexy and fashionable ladies all over the world and they are mainly aged between 18-25 years old. Young ladies at that age are willing to pursue personality or character, or in another word, individuality. In order to meet their needs, Rikini was given birth by RELLECIGA and changes ordinary people's conception of the bikini upside down. Different from traditional bikinis, Rikini brings multiple wearing methods. Shakespeare once said, "There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes." So do the wearing methods - everyone's idea is unique and deserves to be appreciated, which guarantees that everyone will be unique in a RIKINI.

In addition to altering the idea about bikini, RELLECIGA devoted just as much time to the production process. RC uses the best fabric to make this special Rikini - Highly elastic polyester fabric with high flexibility and elasticity makes sure that Rikini doesn't experience shirring. Also, it ensures that no matter what your lifestyle is, Rikini is flexible enough to adjust to your inspiration.

Moreover, Rikini contains a kind of culture, a culture that encourages everyone to be innovative, to escape from the boundary of tradition and to be unique. RELLECIGA, as the creator of Rikini, is glad to see that all of our customers are willing to wear Rikinis in the way they like. And every method of wearing is like a statement of the wearer - she can tell the world loudly who she truly is. Besides, this is the generation of boundlessness due to the rapid development of the Internet. Every little sparkle may cause a fire that may totally change our daily lives and thoughts, so RELLECIGA thinks highly of and appreciates all ideas. In addition, RELLECIGA encourages all girls to try hard to be unique in the world. This is the attitude that RELLECIGA wants to tell all the girls via its RIKINI - I'm unique, I am who I am - a one in a million.

With such a mixed feature, RIKINI will soon heat up the 2014 seaside and even the swimwear industry. Keep up with the latest news of RELLECIGA and RIKINI on our official website: www.relleciga.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! If this cannot feed your appetite, just visit our new retail outlet in Southern U.S. and get all the first-hand information by yourself! The address is 116 Sharps Town Ctr, Houston, TX. Please feel free to call Sunny by telephone: (281) 968 4849. Any more questions, please don't hesitate to send an email to service@relleciga.com.