Rogue Paper's TV Tune-In Adds Content Sync and Advertising Sync

Feb 21, 2012, 08:39 ET from East Coast Diversified Corporation

ATLANTA, Feb 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTCBB: ECDC) announced that its subsidiary, Rogue Paper, Inc, and their TV Tune-In platform has released new features for their second screen TV platform, TV Tune-In, including new ways for viewers to view exclusive content provided by show creators and TV networks.

Rogue Paper's TV Tune-In platform allows users a second screen experience for a number of popular TV programs, sporting events and channels, to interact and comment with each other during live and time-shifted broadcasts. TV Tune-In is rolling out the latest update to its second-screen platform that allows networks to synchronize exclusive content, a featured called Content Sync, to shows as viewers are watching.

Content Sync will display interactive polls, quizzes, behind the scenes videos and more perfectly timed and in sync with what's happening on the screen. This is being extended to other forms of content such as synchronized broadcast television advertising, making broadcast television ads interactive.

"The global market for broadcast advertising is over $160 billion and broadcast advertising is still the core business of media companies. It is important for us at Rogue Paper to provide tools for networks to engage and delight users in their second screen experience," Stephanie Boyle, the CEO of Rogue Paper commented. "Adding new ways to connect with viewers brings eyeballs back to the primary screen, the television, and is a great advantage for our broadcast partners to deliver on interactive broadcast television advertising."

TV Tune-In is a white-labeled service for media companies and content owners to engage with audiences on the second screen. With the new features of Content Sync and Advertising Sync the second screen experience is both editorial and revenue-generating. 

About Rogue Paper

Rogue Paper, a subsidiary of ECDC is a developer of TV Tune-In Application developed by Rogue Paper. TV Tune-In is a real-time, companion viewing and mobile app development platform for media companies to help drive viewership, conversation and interactions for television shows and content. TV Tune-In's CMS allows media companies to develop branded iPhone and iPad apps for television shows and channels.  Powering such category leading applications as MTV's WatchWith and VH1's Co-Star iPhone and iPad applications, users can actively comment along with their favorite show (live or time-shifted). The apps aim to attract fans around live viewing of their favorite show, event, or sports team. Users can actively comment, Tweet and Like their favorite show, chat with friends, play trivia games, watch exclusive video content, photos and more.

About East Coast Diversified Corporation

East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTC.BB: ECDC.OB) is a holding corporation with a diversified group of technology companies. Its business portfolio includes businesses offering technology for logistics and asset management, media entertainment technology, transportation safety and class attendance monitoring system and social media applications.

EarthSearch offer solutions using the world's first wireless communication between GPS and RFID. EarthSearch delivers solutions relevant to the operations of businesses and governments across the globe, providing efficiency, cost saving, continuous visibility of assets and cargo in transit, with real time visibility across the entire supply chain. Solutions delivered include warehouse operation, movement of secured cargo, oil tankers, pipeline and other fixed assets management solutions. EarthSearch solutions integrate sensor technology for fuel monitoring, temperature sensor, weight sensors, door sensor and a variety of other custom applications.

StudentConnect also utilizes our proprietary wireless communication between GPS and RFID to provide transportation safety and class attendance monitoring solutions to schools, alerting parents and schools of safe departure and arrival of students riding on school buses and providing an automated class attendance monitoring system that engages parents with information about student behavior at school, including providing real time notification regarding truancy and skip class behavior. StudentConnect use wireless technology integrated with GPS/RFID to gather and combine parental behavior, student behavior at school and academic data to create predictive analytics for school administrators that help with improving education.

WetWinds, a new social media division schedule to launch in summer 2012 will deliver interactive social media experience to audiences and users across the globe. Register to be part of the first one million global beta users at:

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