Royal Canin Introduces New Starter Products to Provide Precise Canine Nutrition for Mother Dogs and Their Puppies

New comprehensive Birth and Growth line available at pet specialty stores for all dogs at every life stage; new puppy formulas extend offerings to giant breeds

Aug 15, 2011, 09:25 ET from Royal Canin

ST. CHARLES, Mo., Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Royal Canin, a global leader in canine health nutrition, is changing the way dog owners feed their pets, by introducing a new category of products for mother dogs and their newborn puppies. The Royal Canin® Starter for Mother & Babydog™ line bridges a critical nutritional gap, providing the most comprehensive solution for the well-being of the mother from gestation through birth and lactation, and the puppy for life. The new Birth and Growth line features five Starter products and five new puppy formulas.

Until now, pet owners in search of a consistent diet for their dogs from pregnancy through puppyhood often turned to puppy food. But nutrition formulated for puppies isn't specific to the needs of the pregnant or nursing mother, the puppy developing in the womb or puppies transitioning to solid food.

"Most dog owners may not be aware that a mother dog produces up to 2 to 3 times her own weight in milk during lactation, which requires significant nutrients and energy," said Dr. Brent Mayabb, veterinarian and Royal Canin manager of education and development. "It's these kinds of research insights that drive the development of all of our products – not only our new Starter line, but for every size, age and breed formula a pet owner would need."

Essential Nutrition for both Mother and Baby  

Through years of research and development, the experts at Royal Canin developed five products that meet the nutritional needs of a pregnant and nursing mother, as well as her puppies. These include a high-protein Starter Mousse and four versatile Starter kibble formulas that provide the required nutrients for growth, development and sustained energy.

The Royal Canin Starter Mousse is energy-dense and a highly digestible product that appeals to a mother dog's decreased appetite, helping her to get the calories and nutrients she needs.  It can also be mixed with dry food formulas to help transition puppies from suckling to chewing. The Starter Mousse comes in 5.8 oz. cans and is also sold in packs of three cans.

The Starter kibble comes in four formulas based on the adult size of the dog– MINI, MEDIUM, MAXI and GIANT – providing all the nutrition mothers and babydogs need for growth, development and sustained energy. Specifically, the formulas offer pregnancy support and several texture consistencies – for the mother dog's high energy needs at the end of pregnancy and as she begins to nurse.

Dog owners can easily add water to the Starter kibble product to create a porridge-like consistency, to help facilitate a weaning puppy's transition to solid food. In addition, all of Royal Canin's Starter formulas include Start Complex™, an exclusive combination of nutrients that promote digestive health and strengthen a puppy's natural defenses. 

Expanded Puppy Formulas

In addition to the new Starter products, Royal Canin is now increasing its product offering from three formulas to a total of five formulas to meet the needs of all puppies based on their size. Fed from eight weeks to adulthood, the new Royal Canin puppy formulas provide precise support for developing vital systems and fuel for boundless energy during this critical lifestage.  The puppy formulas come in MINI, MEDIUM, MAXI, and GIANT PUPPY and GIANT JUNIOR.  

The new formulas include nutritional benefits from prebiotics to aid in digestion and promote healthy intestinal function. The foods also help support the puppy's natural defenses with a unique antioxidant complex, including lutein, vitamins E & C and taurine.

The GIANT formulas are another industry first that address two distinct growth stages of puppies, from 8 weeks through 24 months.  These puppies require a different mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats to prevent obesity and control energy content for growth and skeletal development.

"The introduction of our Mother and Babydog line is more than a product launch – we're creating a new category within the pet specialty channel," said Harvey Millar, Director of Royal Canin's retail business. "We're proud to continue building on our history of innovation and to be the only brand that can truly provide pet owners with the most comprehensive line of nutrition for every dog at every lifestage."

Royal Canin's Starter line is the latest innovation in the company's science-based approach to canine nutrition, which helped introduce the concept of size-based feeding for large breed puppies more than 20 years ago.

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