Sales Marketing Training Academy, Ltd. (SMTA) Provides Altruistic Scholarship Program to Veterans of U.S. Armed Forces

May 02, 2014, 07:00 ET from Sales Marketing Training Academy, Ltd.

LOS ANGELES, May 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Licensee, Sales Marketing Training Academy, Ltd. (SMTA), of Cardone Training Technologies, Inc., announced this week an altruistic scholarship program they are providing to certain qualified individuals. Based on industry and depth of training provided, SMTA's tuitions can range from $249 to as much as $5,000.

For a period of time, those seeking enrollment in any of their United States training courses involving direct sales to the senior citizen healthcare market may now be eligible for partial and full student scholarships. However, there is additional specific criterion a student of the United States must have to be eligible.


  • U.S. Armed Forces active duty military experience of no less than 4 years
  • Honorably discharged within the last 24 months from Active Duty or currently in Active Reserve (not IRR)


  • U.S. Armed Forces active duty military experience of no less than 4 years
  • Honorably discharged within the last 25 – 60 months from Active Duty

The purveyor of this idea came from the Board of Directors of one of SMTA's most regarded clients, Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. (BSH). Currently, their most elite sales distribution force is their Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division (ETPAD) of Buffett.

"BSH provided us extensive data advocating their support for recent military veterans. Their position that recent military veterans have historically achieved overwhelmingly higher levels of sales performance coming out of SMTA to Buffett and an average learning curve markedly shorter than others,  I have to admit at first was difficult to believe. However, upon our own internal analyses of their data it became undeniably valid when discovered the data was solely collected from not only their most challenging division [ETPAD], but also is the same division of Buffett that maintains the highest individual average field producer sales volume by far," stated SMTA's Director of Admissions (U.S.).

After the decision to offer a military veteran scholarship program was finalized last week, SMTA's International Director of Academia remarked, "Military service exemplifies many of the traits that we know are integral to being triumphant in the sales industry, not just in the U.S., but this applies to all our students worldwide seeking higher success in their arena of sales. If nothing else, veterans should be recognized with our offer to aid their tuition cost for having served their country, regardless of whether or not they ever become students of our training academy."

"Their inherent dedication to following a given system of success, disciplined perseverance, and regimented nature provide them a giant lead ahead of all the rest. For most new hires, that it is the most difficult to learn and the hardest to teach, yet the most imperative to being a top 4% producer in the nation, as we are in this Division. SMTA's noble offer here is a sure win for all of our well deserving veterans in two ways; first as a savings, secondly as a springboard into a high-earning capacity with a company whose sales are unaffected by the economy," offered one Regional Team Leader for Buffett's ETPAD.

As more information becomes available on the progress of this campaign, expect future press release updates.

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