Scholarship Offers Free Career Education for Aboriginal, Native, and Indigenous Students

Nov 19, 2015, 08:30 ET from IAP Career College

CALGARY, Alberta, Nov.19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Aboriginal, Native, and Indigenous people worldwide have historically been under-represented as college students and graduates.

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This has continued in the 21st century according to studies published by organizations ranging from the Comparative Education Research Centre to several governments.

While indigenous organizations and government agencies work to find solutions, a private online career college has begun offering free tuition for Aboriginal, Native, and Indigenous people who want to earn a certificate in a non-traditional career.

Any Aboriginal, Native, or Indigenous person living anywhere in the world may receive the AMI Indigenous Scholarship from IAP Career College at

"The name of our scholarship has two meanings," said Therese (Tag) Goulet, Academic Director of IAP Career College. "The letters AMI are short for: Aboriginal, Metis, and Indigenous. These letters represent the people the scholarship is provided by and for."

"AMI also has a second meaning. Ami is the French word for friend, which is fitting," said Tag, "because we want people to tell friends in their community about this scholarship."

IAP Career College, short for International Association of Professions Career College, is described as "a proudly Metis-owned private college." Tag and her sister Catherine Goulet, Chair of the Board of Trustees, are Metis — Aboriginal Canadians of mixed Native (Cree, Ojibwe) and European (including French) descent.

The AMI Indigenous Scholarship consists of free tuition a certificate course of the scholarship recipient's choice. It is an all-inclusive scholarship consisting of:

  • Registration for one part-time online IAP Career College certificate course
  • The textbook(s) for the certificate course in e-book format
  • Access to a faculty member to provide up to three hours of personal teaching assistance and career advice
  • 2016 membership in an international professional association for the career
  • Downloadable certificate personalized with the student's name and the seal of the college upon successful completion of the course

The scholarship is awarded to any applicant with proof of membership in a recognized Aboriginal, Native, or Indigenous group. The only "catch" is successful applicants are asked to share information with other Aboriginal, Native, or Indigenous people who could take advantage of the scholarship.

This sharing of information can be done through any method of the scholarship recipient's choice ranging from writing about it on social media to giving a talk or creating a work of art.

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Media contact: Tag Goulet, Email, 1-888-322-5621


SOURCE IAP Career College