Sedgwick introduces new mobile app and push technology

Helping injured and absent employees stay connected

Aug 01, 2013, 15:30 ET from Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

MEMPHIS, Aug. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sedgwick, the leader in technology-enabled claims and productivity management solutions, is excited to introduce its new viaOne® express mobile application and push technology option.

With Sedgwick's viaOne express mobile app, employees receiving workers' compensation, disability, and leave benefits can use their smartphones to view claim and case information on a secure basis. From a simple login process, employees can quickly access details on the status of their claims and cases, submit questions, update their claims examiner regarding a medical appointment or return-to-work date, and contact support representatives for technical assistance.

"Sedgwick is responding to today's demand for instant information with technology-based solutions designed for our clients' employees," said Steve Penman, chief operating officer at Sedgwick. "Our new mobile app helps them stay connected to the resources they need and makes the process even more flexible and convenient."

The new app is now available on the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices. Click here to see Sedgwick's viaOne express mobile video.

Along with the mobile app, Sedgwick recently introduced push technology to allow employees with notifications tied to workers' compensation, disability and leave claims. With this addition, employees can choose to receive emails or text messages with information about key claim decisions.

Sedgwick is the first third-party administrator in the industry to provide this level of automated communications. With Sedgwick's new push technology option, employees will know exactly when payments are made on their claims, and it offers a convenient way to reassure them and keep them updated on the status of their claims. During the claims management process, there are key points where this type of communication can be beneficial, such as when a benefits check is issued to cover lost time from work.

Sedgwick provides multiple ways for clients and their employees to view claim information, stay up to date on the progress of their claims, and connect with their Sedgwick resources. In addition to the new viaOne express mobile app and push technology option, Sedgwick recently expanded the self-service capabilities through the company's online viaOne express application. Employees can view payment history, securely communicate with examiners, and report medical appointment and return-to-work dates. They can also choose online to receive the communications included in Sedgwick's new push technology or opt-in by contacting their examiner.

Sedgwick's viaOne express application is part of the viaOne suite of web-based tools, which includes an array of data management and reporting options for clients.

"We are taking care of our customers and their employees by providing technology tools and timely communications to help alleviate uncertainty, foster a smoother claims process, and improve outcomes," said Patrick Funck, Sedgwick's chief information officer.

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